Project: Write a 2000-2500 word research essay with at least 7 sources, and at l

Project: Write a 2000-2500 word research essay with at least 7 sources, and at least 5 of them are required to be scholary sources that meet and pass the CRAAP Test.
Step One: Determine
Your Organizational Challenge and Create a Research Question.
Decide on an organizational challenge:
An organizational
challenge can be something you are currently dealing with at work or at home.
Examples might be a lack of employee engagement or poor communication at the
top leadership levels.
Create a research question
around your organizational challenge.
Your question should:
Not be too
broad or too narrow.
Have several sources available to answer them.
interesting to you and others.
Be able to be supported or contradicted
Be unbiased.
Step Two: Locate Sources
Find at least 7 reputable sources.
At least 5 sources need to be scholarly.
All sources must meet and pass the
CRAAP test criteria.
Step Three: Cite Sources
Cite Sources in APA format.
Put all
of your sources in APA format
Order sources by alphabetical order according
to the author’s last name.
All sources need to pass the CRAAP
Please do not use the
encyclopedia or dictionary for any of your sources since they are inappropriate
for college level work.
Step Four: Analyze Sources and
Write Annotations.
After reading the articles, you will need to provide
annotations for them.
These should consist of four to five sentences.
annotation summarizes an article and it explains how it is related to your
research question and topic.
Your 7
annotations should include:
A one sentence summary of the source.
Your analysis of the source. (This should be done utilizing
the CRAAP test)
How this source is
related to your research question. (Share any ideas of how this could assist
your with your research)
Step Five: Write Your
Research Essay.
Your research essay MUST include:
A 2000-2500 word research essay that:
Includes your research question.
Includes the topic/background of an
organizational challenge.
Includes a thesis.
Includes main ideas.
Is a solution for your
Is in APA format.
A solid title and
introduction which makes your organizational challenge interesting to your
A clear description of the history of your challenge.
At least 7 reliable sources, 5 of which should be journal articles.
Your sources should be
recent. (Published within the
last 10 years).
All direct quotes,
summaries and paraphrasing should be properly cited in APA format.
Before you submit your work,
check to see if you have met the criteria noted below. Did you:
Select an
organizational challenge to write about?
Write a clear research
question and an introduction to draw your readers in?
Clearly lay out the
organizational challenge?
Create an in-depth
analysis and find solutions for your challenge?
Cite at least 7 credible sources?
Put everything in APA
Write 2000-2500 words, double spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font?

Project: Write a 2000-2500 word research essay with at least 7 sources, and at l
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