Prompt:  Building on the skills you’ve learned this quarter, write a paper that 

Building on the skills you’ve learned this quarter, write a paper that “thinks toward better.” Clearly, there is no easy solution to the sorts of problems this course has considered, but using your skillset of defining problems, asking productive questions, and analyzing academic and artistic sources, consider how we might begin to move toward “better.” You are not expected to come up with a simple solution or simple answer, but you will be expected to think about a) what we might need to address to improve circumstances, b) what we need to understand further to move forward, c) what aspects of the problem we can approach improving, d) ways that we can begin to move toward “better.” To do this, you must use course materials, but also research additional sources to support your argument.
The Basics: 
6 FULL pages
5-6 peer-reviewed sources from the school’s database 
Pick an issue from Opposing Viewpoints Database ONLY to an external site. to an external site.
MLA format with a  separate works cited page (not part of page count) to an external site.
All evidence has to be from a reliable source!!
A successful paper will: 
address the basic features. 
have proper MLA format and citations. 
have a strong sense of your voice/perspective; (no informal language)
use well-chosen, properly integrated textual evidence, and contain no dropped quotations. 
provide sufficient analysis rather than relying on the summary. 
have sophisticated, well-crafted paragraphs.
provide a clear thesis. 
have deep, probative, provocative questions. 
The goals of this paper are to: 
hone sophisticated argumentation, with a particular focus on the importance of evidence. 
polish skills in choosing and integrating textual evidence.  
deeply explore skills in critical reading and thinking. 
reinforce skills in synthesizing sources. 
work on uncovering and explaining the significance. 
acknowledge complexity
Has to go with the template provided.