PSYC 560 Applied Final Project Topic Choice

PSYC 560 Applied Final Project Topic Choice

PSYC 560 Applied Final Project Topic Choice

My interview will involve an individual with depression, who is 37 years old, and of lower socioeconomic status. The interview’s focus and the health condition will be primarily related to challenges encountered when living with depression, coping mechanisms, and the connection between socioeconomic conditions and depression. I will discuss the case in the context of home, workplaces, and public spaces, providing solutions, including therapies, support groups, and accommodations, and will be writing from the viewpoint of a healthcare provider/aide.

I will look for resources from mental health and nursing databases, recent government and institutional publications, and books that explore depression from different perspectives. Databases provide access to peer-reviewed articles such as Schlax et al. (2019) and Kim and Cho (2020) studies on the association of depression with socioeconomic status. Books by Cascella and Stones (2021) and Solari-Twadell and Ziebarth (2019) will be valuable resources since they explore the importance of support groups and different accommodations for people with depression.

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PSYC 560 Applied Final Project Topic Choice References

Cascella, M., & Stones, M. J. (Eds.). (2021). Suggestions for addressing clinical and non-clinical issues in palliative care. BoD–Books on Demand.

Kim, Y. M., & Cho, S. I. (2020). Socioeconomic status, work‐life conflict, and mental health. American Journal of Industrial Medicine63(8), 703-712.

Schlax, J., Jünger, C., Beutel, M. E., Münzel, T., Pfeiffer, N., Wild, P., … & Michal, M. (2019). Income and education predict elevated depressive symptoms in the general population: results from the Gutenberg health study. BMC Public Health19(1), 1-10.

Solari-Twadell, P. A., & Ziebarth, D. J. (Eds.). (2019). Faith community nursing: An international specialty practice changing the understanding of health. Springer Nature.

Before completing the Final Project Topic, please review the instructions in the Syllabus for the two types of Applied Final Project – the Compare/Contrast of two current events, or the Interview/Case Study.
I will review and approve your topics as they are submitted, but should you submit early, please notify me. If your topic needs refinement, feedback, or edits, I will contact you individually and you may adjust. There are no lost points for needing to edit your topic.
You may elect to change your topic later, if your research or interview take you in a different direction. Please contact the instructor directly to alter your topic once approved.
Instructions for Topic Proposal, from the syllabus:

Part 1: Topic choice due week 4

Instructions: Choose and write down your topic and ideas about: The topic/title, why you think it is important (2-3 sentences), and where you think you will look for resources (2-3 sentences).
Use the Topic planning table below to create your chosen topic. Each section of the table below may be used to narrow down the specifics of your case study. Each section will help to get you thinking about the aspects of your case study. In the example below, the sections of the table appear in parenthesis to exemplify how these sections relate to your topic choice. Please note that these sections form a part of the final paper write up, and as such can be used while writing up your final case study.
Example: For instance, looking at the table, you may choose a topic as follows.
My interview will involve an individual with Down Syndrome (disability from the list below the table), who is 10 years old, middle-class socioeconomic status(statistic/demographic). The individualâ€s disability will be primarily related to developmental delays (descriptive-you will expand on this in your case, for the topic just a few words are fine). I will discuss the case in the context of applications in the context of home and school(applications), providing solutions that may include special programs and supports(solutions), and will be writing from the viewpoint of a therapist/counselor(viewpoint).

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