RCGP Marketing Officer, UK

RCGP Marketing Officer

Interview task

This task is sent to candidates 24 hours prior to their scheduled interview.

The Marketing Team has been tasked with sending an email campaign to our time-poor/busy GP members promoting the launch of our new eLearning course on influenza.

Based on the copy below (supplied by our eLearning team), create and draft an impactful mail that best promotes the course and maximizes engagement. Look out for any copy errors – typos, etc.

Include a subject line and a call to action. You may also include imagery you think is appropriate.

You can draft and submit this task in whichever format you feel is appropriate

Course details supplied by the eLearning delivery team

Influenza: management and vaccination 2022/2023

The influenza viruses usually cause high levels of morbidity and mortality during each winter season. The situation has become more complex over the last two years. Social distancing and hygiene interventions due to COVID-19 have greatly reduced flu rates and it is also the case that one virus can suppress the circulation of another, so coronavirus may have had a more direct impact on flu. There is a lack of clarity about what will happen in this coming winter but there is a possibility of a substantial flu outbreak. This course includes two 30-minute modules: One on how to manage flu-like illnesses in the COVID era, and one on flu vaccination in the 2022-2023 season.

CSL Seqirus has funded this course and has been involved in the discussion of the topic of the course. The content has been prepared independently by the RCGP without any input from CSL Seqirus. This course is intended for healthcare professionals and is free to RCGP members.

The RCGP’s eLearning content offers guidance and updates to develop your clinical competence and professional confidence, so you can continue to maintain the highest standards in patient care.

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