Read the following scenario and then respond with an essay. Scenario: After mont

Read the following scenario and then respond with an essay.
After months of surveillance, in 2021, a massive drug bust went down in the Park Heights neighborhood of Baltimore. Local law enforcement, working with the DEA, arrested over 50 alleged members of the “Park Heights Hustlers” gang. The gang was suspected of running a highly lucrative drug distribution network that had been flooding the streets with marijuana, heroin and crack cocaine. 
Many of those arrested were lifelong residents of the impoverished, predominantly colored neighborhood. With few economic opportunities and generational poverty, some had turned to the illegal drug trade as one of the only viable ways to make money and achieve financial stability. 
Police seized over $3 million worth of cash and goods from the alleged gang members, in addition to firearms and other illegal contraband. Police leaders believed that this bust would lead to a temporary drop in the illegal drug trade in the area, as well as drops in violent crime and other gang-related activity.
The bust led to mixed reactions – the police were praised by elected officials for their dedication, while some civil rights advocates criticised the motives behind arresting some people of color who were not involved in the gang at all but were still arrested on charges of drug possession during the operation.
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Essay Instructions:
The student should write a 2000 word essay examining this situation from any ONE of three perspectives:
(1) the law enforcement or drug enforcement perspective, OR
(2) the policy/lawmaker perspective on drug laws and urban crime, OR
(3) the perspective of a Park Heights community member. 
Include at least 2 APA-style full citations from peer-reviewed sources to support the analysis/ arguments made in the essay.
The student can draw from sources covering topics like
– hot-spot crime analysis
– racial profiling and discriminatory policing, drawing from the 1970s war on drugs
– urban poverty and crime
– the failures of current drug policies, or need for new approaches such as changes in drug scheduling or legalization
– policing gang activities and risk of crime displacement
– political pressures mayors and city councils face to crack down on crime and drug trafficking.
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