Reading Assignment As you read through the resources and watch the videos, consi

Reading Assignment
As you read through the resources and watch the videos, consider the following:
Have you ever seen a leader break down the decision-making process for a decision made in an organization?  
How do you feel about a decision made by leaders that do not go as planned?  
What would you do if a leader asked you to alter documents to make the company look better?  
Do you think that all leaders try to make the best decision for the organization and the employees? 
Read the following from your textbook Organizational behavior. 
Chapter 11
Chapter 11.1: Decision-Making Culture: The Case of Google 
Chapter 11.2: Understanding Decision Making 
Chapter 11.3: Faulty Decision Making 
Chapter 11.4: Decision-Making in Groups 
Chapter 8.5: The Role of Ethics in National Culture  
Chapter 11.5: The Role of Ethics and National Culture 
Chapter 11.6: Empowered Decision-Making: The Case of Ingar Skaug 
Chapter 11.7: Conclusion 
Chapter 11.8: Exercises 
Chapter 12
Chapter 12.2: Who Is a Leader? Trait Approaches to Leadership 
Chapter 12.3: What Do Leaders Do? Behavioral Approaches to Leadership 
High context and low context communication
This video provides three scenarios of individuals conversing who are from high context and low context cultures.
What is the difference between a high-context and low-context culture?
This video clearly explains the difference between high-context and low-context cultures in reference to the language of behavior.
Collins, S. (2021, May 19). High context and low context communication [Video]. YouTube.
Organizational behavior. (2017). University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA. 
Tero Trainers. (2016, November 8). What is the difference between a high-context and low-context culture? [Video]. YouTube. 
Discussion Assignment
In the discussion forum, you are expected to participate often and engage in deep levels of discourse. You are required to post an initial response to the question/issue presented in the Forum by Sunday evening and then respond to at least 3 of your classmates’ initial posts. You should also respond to anyone who has responded to you. 
Leadership is a very difficult role to fill. The right balance between management and encouragement must be present. Leaders must ensure that objectives are met, productivity rises, and people are happy. This puts leaders under immense pressure. Leaders must make ethical decisions regarding the pros and cons of the task and the people involved.   
For this discussion assignment, refer to Chapter 12.3 What Do Leaders Do? Behavioral Approaches to Leadership of your textbook and focus on people and task-oriented behaviors.   
Explain a professional or personal situation where an individual was distinctly people-oriented.  
Provide another situation where an individual was task-oriented.  
For each example, explain if they were right or wrong and if they were ethical in their behavior. 
Your Discussion should be a minimum of 200 words in length and not more than 500 words. Please include a word count. Following the APA standard, use references and in-text citations for the textbook and any other sources. 
Part 2 will be uploaded once Part 1 is complete. Part 2 is only to comment on the 3 student’s discussions.