RELI 448N Week 2 Assignment: Hinduism Essay/Chart

RELI 448N Week 2 Assignment: Hinduism Essay/Chart

RELI 448N Week 2 Assignment: Hinduism Essay/Chart

“Humans can never run away from, or deny the existence of religion and spirituality”. There is no human that is the same with another. As humans, bounded by certain factors that control how we feel, think, act, live. For some, it can be their external environment, internal environments while for many others, its religion. I have realized that in every sector of life, be it the educational sector, health care sector, law enforcement sector, and even the finance sector, humans are exposed to other people with different behaviors and ways of life and many of the times, these behaviors are somehow linked to their perception of life and belief or religion. “Understanding a person’s religious background tells you more about that person’s attitudes and values” (Molloy, 2020 p. 25). Understanding the religion of those around me has helped me better my relationship with them and prepared me to accept  and adapt to diversities in every environment I find myself even if these diversities do not have anything to do with religion.

How My Learnings Have Affected My Personal World View.

Learning about different religions through this course has changed a lot of things and perception I once had about life. It has also gotten rid of all of my ignorance as far as certain religions is concerned. Throughout this course, I have understood that even though many of these religions believe in different spiritual beings, they have few general principles that guides the conduct of those that practice them. The importance of the study of religion is my first most significant learning in this course and throughout my career in the future, I plan to make use of these cultural and religious knowledge and their relationship with the actions, principles and beliefs of my patients as a nurse to effectively understand and communicate with them, and deliver feedback to my medical team to bring about the best treatment suitable for every patient.

At the second week into this course, we studied Hinduism where I learned that there are some healing practices that exist within several religions that are just as effective as medical practices which the world is yet to fully take advantage of. Practices like yoga, has proven to be a very effective tool for meditation and internal peace. Learning about this has made me wonder what would be the future of medicine if medical health practitioners, recommend these practices to patients who undergo several mental health issues like depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and mental disorders. I intend to prescribe these practices to my future patients undergoing such problems in my professional life. My last most significant learning is our 8th week’s subject; healthcare and spirituality. Throughout this week, I learned how understanding the religion of patients in healthcare organization can help them relief their sufferings. “Connecting suffering and spirituality as a way to soften suffering and invites healing” (Wright, 2007). Asking patients about their beliefs can enable health care workers find many ways to emotionally support them and lessen their sufferings and so I intend to incubate this approach in my career.

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Challenges Throughout The Course And What I Learned In Overcoming Them.

I experienced challenges in my educational, personal and psychological life. I was easily stressed and falling into depression, whenever I remembered how the life of one of my relative who had been in an accident was hanging by a thread. This situation affected me academically as it  made it hard for me to concentrate in class. Just in the middle of my crisis, During the course of researching with the Bible on our 6th week’s topic on what made Christianity unique, and working on one of our class discussions, I stumbled upon a scripture in Romans which talked about how when we called on the name of God, we would be saved. With the help of prayers and regular yoga meditations learned from our class on Hinduism, I was able rise above the situation academically, emotionally and psychologically as it brought me to an understanding that everyone needs to believe in something that could help decline their sufferings and also engage in spiritual practices that could help them better their psychological state of mind. I intend to always know the beliefs of all my clients in order to help them alleviate their sufferings and also prescribe spiritual meditative practices that could help better their psychology.

This course has broadened my view on the religion practiced by other people besides mine and made me understand the disparities that exist within these religions. It has solved a lot of problems regarding my ignorance in many spiritualities and has increased my hunger for upholding my faith and religion as a Christian. It has made me respect the spiritual views, differences and beliefs of individuals with different religions within my environment and helped me understand the importance and relationship of religion with my chosen career path. Immanuel Kant’s origin of religion theory describes my view on religion. According to him, “religion is the product of limited empirical reason. In other words, since there are things that are unexplainable by simply using the five senses, humans developed religion to fill in the blanks” (Chapel, 2014). There are many things that can not be explained by science or mere observations, many life questions that are yet to be answered in a way that makes sense. Questions like, what happens after death, why a particular sea is red when water is supposed to have no color, where air comes from and how a human can birth another human and how there is a sun that only shines in the day and a moon that only comes out at night. These are questions that can not be answered no matter how you think about it, which leaves us to the final conclusion that there is indeed a life of spirituality that controls the physical. That there is a supreme being in charge of creation and the life of man.


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