Report guideline I need  you to  write a Business Description and Industry Overv

Report guideline
I need  you to  write a Business Description and Industry
Overview of Leejam Sport company in Saudi Arabia
1-The report should not be written as answers to the
questions. These questions are guidelines to what I expect to see in your
analysis. If you add extra analysis, it will help
2- The report must be prepared from the perspective of an
independent analyst
Provide an overview of the firm’s business and its relative
position in the industry to which it belongs.
1. What is the nature of the firm’s business, its major
products or services, the markets served, and its
relative position (market share) in the industry? Who are
the main competitors? Is there any significant
share of revenues is generated internationally?
2. What are the major revenue/cost drivers (determinants
of price, quantity sold, and cost elements) on
the firm/industry level? What are the recent trends in
sales cost of goods sold? Can they be linked to
micro and/or macro factors?
3. What are the macro factors that affect the industry
and how is your company positioned to respond to
changes in these factors?
4. What are the demand/supply drivers for the industry?
Are there any demand/supply related factors that
affect the dynamics of the industry?
5. write a SWOT analysis of the company