Research the stakeholders of the multinational corporation you have chosen for y

Research the stakeholders of the multinational corporation you have chosen for your final assessment. Create a 7–10 slide presentation that includes the following:
Analysis of the corporation’s country relations within its GVC:
Consider at least 2 countries in which the corporation conducts business (at least one country should be located in the Global South).
Describe government incentives or barriers to international trade or investment in that industry.
Describe the labor laws and worker protections in the identified countries.
Explain the perspective of the corporation in relation to its suppliers. Do they take a compliance or commitment model, or both? What are the tools (code of conduct, training, etc.) that the corporation employs to achieve these compliance and/or commitment models?
Compare the size of the corporation with that of some of its suppliers. Describe the power relationships that might exist as a result of these size differences.
Assess whether the corporation is buying high-value add products from countries in the Global South or in the Global North. Is the corporation in a joint venture, or does it own another company in a Global South?
Considering the corporation’s country relations, explain the relationship between its GVCs and the responsible governance of supply chains.
Assess whether the corporation’s country relations impact global economic development and inequalities.
Identify your organization’s external stakeholders, such as clients or customers, investors and shareholders, suppliers, government agencies, and the wider community.
Assess how the stakeholder needs and perspectives within the corporation’s country relations framework impact the decisions of supply chain managers regarding the location of product development
Style: Your presentation can take a variety of forms (e.g., bullet points, short prose, charts, graphs, images). See the Tips for Effective PresentationsLinks to an external site. for guidance on formatting and designing a strong presentation.
Length: Your presentation should be 7-10 slides in length, excluding the intro, outro, and references slides. Points will be deducted for presentations that exceed the specified length (see rubric below for more details).
APA Formatting: Adhere to the Style Guide for headers, spacing (double-spaced), and citations.