responding to two different discussions on the topic of leadership and expressing your own point of view.

these are 2 different discussions regarding the same topic, give a response of at least 4-5 sentences for each discussion on your point of view in response to what you have read. 1.Most leaders have that inability to take control. Once a leader have and no the material, it easier to convey to another. A leader needs to do an analysis on who he or she leading.
The trait that makes a good leader is precision, making sure that your touching every inch of the subject. One would have to be a take control leader and guide your followers, be informative and know who you are leading. Their some people who learn differently , it’s up to you to know people strength and weakness. that way you have general idea where you need to place them, some visual, some are hands on, etc.
It’s possible these traits through training, in the classroom or through experience. I do feel that experience is one of the stronger traits. I had the opportunity to work at a local High school with no experience, through trial error I quickly learn my role as a temporary leader, especially when I no previous experience. In that setting I first had to get the students attention and then tell them what’s expected of them , how much time they had and the manner it needed to be done. By me taking control of the situation I gain control and respect of the classroom. I familiarize myself with each high school student and let them know expected of them, mind you a later resign.
2. Leaders are created through their inherent skills, experiences and environment. Having leadership qualities such as great communication skills, confidence and the drive and vision to influence others to complete a goal are all necessary they may not always be enough. Other factors like your team and the situation or objective are also determining factors over whether an individual has the capability to lead. I believe that leadership traits can all be learned and enhanced through training and experience. Research has shown that coaching will take an executive at one level and move them to the next level (Goldman, 2024). Learning the different styles and approaches to leadership all help to hone any skills someone already has or looking to obtain. Experiences give that individual a chance to test out different approaches and see which one works best for their individual personality and even their own comfort zones and styles. The effective leader adapts his or her style to fit the needs of the organization and the task at hand (Beebe & Mottet, 2016).

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