Select, evaluate, interpret, and synthesize sources in the service of an argument. Document sources (print, electronic, and other) in MLA style. Use effective strategies for pre-writing, composing,

write essays but not professionally like a normal knowledgeable person. that my teacher isn’t gonna catch that I cheated because I don’t know that much English. Multi-Source Synthesis & Reflection Essay–on Haifaa Al Mansour’s Wadjda and The Green Bicycle Due: Sunday, Oct. 29th at 11:59 pm Length: 3-4 pages (1000 words in essay minimum, approx. 1300 words max.) Plus your Works Cited page. Scoring: 100 points possible (see Scoring Rubric below), part of the 30% Essays category. Purpose: This essay will help to demonstrate progress in all 5 of PCC’s Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for English 1A (listed below): Read critically by summarizing, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating college-level texts. Select, evaluate, interpret, and synthesize sources in the service of an argument. Document sources (print, electronic, and other) in MLA style. Use effective strategies for pre-writing, composing, and revising essays. Write cogent, well-developed arguments that clearly articulate a thesis supported by textual evidence. Here are the instructions for this essay: Below is a list of the nonfiction primary and secondary sources that we have covered. You will be including ideas, details, and quotes from them to support your response to the essay prompt (that follows). Use at least 6 total sources in your essay, including Al Mansour’s film and book (so, 4 minimum from the list below, plus her film-> Wadjda and her novel-> The Green Bicycle pdf of selected pages): “Q&A” with the writer of Wadjda and The Green Bicycle Review of Wadjda from a Unique Website Compare HeyUGuys’ and Reason TV’s interviews of Haifaa Al Mansour ( ) Article on Lifting the Driving Ban in Saudi Arabia Video for Week 5 Discussion: “Director’s Cut” Behind the Scenes of Wadjda in Saudi Arabia ( Videos for Week 5 Discussion: Big Changes in Saudi Arabia ( <–Three videos here.) Gather details, quotes, and ideas from them and your own thoughts about them to support your answer to the following prompt questions. Here is the Three-Part Essay Prompt: Which of Haifaa Al Mansour’s creative goals have personally interested you the most, and why? Find and quote 2-3 direct statements of her goals from 3 of her interviews (above)–for a minimum total of 5-6 quotations of Al Mansour’s own phrasing of her goals. Where exactly do you think she has achieved these goals within her film Wadjda and the novel The Green Bicycle? Use detailed moments and quotations from both for support. Finally, reflect on how our other nonfiction secondary sources listed above have helped you develop your perspective as you have watched and read Al Mansour’s book, film, and interviews along the way. Include details and quotes from 2 of the secondary sources in your explanation. REMINDER: No outside sources or AI-generated content should be included in this assignment! 🙂 Formats for English 1A Papers: Use MLA typing formats. Use names (not “the author”), introduce source information using signal phrases, and cite page or ch. numbers from Al Mansour’s book in parentheses–see sample MLA-style paragraph. Use present tenseLinks to an external site. when discussing and/or analyzing texts. Punctuate titles in MLA style: Italicize Book and Film titles; put “Article Titles” and “Short Video Titles” in quotation marks. In MLA, all periods and commas go inside end quotation marks. Rubric 1. Your essay needs to include correct MLA heading information and its own unique subtitle (see sample) that reveals the thesis (point and focus) of your essay. 2. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeYour introductory paragraph should fully name Haifaa Al Mansour and her film and book titles, followed by an introduction of 2-3 of her creative goals. Your thesis should directly and specifically answer the 3-part prompt questions in order to set up the support that you provide in your body paragraphs. 3. Several well-developed body paragraphs should present details and quotes about your choices of Al Mansour’s goals, supported by details, examples, and brief quotations from both Wadjda and The Green Bicycle and from at least 2 of our other nonfiction sources to support your own observations. 4. Your concluding paragraph should share insights you have gained from reading and writing about Al Mansour’s works and weighing the impact of her creative goals and the multiple sources we have read and watched to help us understand them. 5. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeYour essay should demonstrate care and consistency in its MLA formats; phrasing and spelling; punctuation of titles, quotations, and citations; and use of commas, semicolons, and colons. The Works Cited page starts on a new page, includes all sources used in your essay, and follows all MLA formats. 6. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSources should be clearly documented throughout the essay with names in signal phrases and with in-text citations that adhere to MLA formats.