Select one child to use as your case study for your Week 4 assignment. Family Jamie and Dana are parents to three children: Avery, age five; Jeremy, age two; and Marie, age three months.

Case Studies

The following case studies portray the three children in one family. Please select one child to use as your case study for your Week 4 assignment.


Jamie and Dana are parents to three children: Avery, age five; Jeremy, age two; and Marie, age three months. Both parents are non-drinkers, non-smokers, eat a vegan diet, and exercise regularly. During all three pregnancies and deliveries, Dana only took prenatal medications. She did not take pain management medications during deliveries, and no complications reported. Jamie is a grocery store manager for a major chain and Dana works as a local bank teller. The family owns a home, two vehicles, one cat, one dog, and a chinchilla. During one week every summer, the family takes a camping trip to the Adirondack Mountains. Dana is returning to work this week after her 12-week leave since giving birth to Marie.

Case Study #1

Marie, age three months, is a bouncing baby girl. She is 13 pounds, 23 inches long, and is fed primarily with breast milk. She recently began holding her head up on her own, gripping and rattling toys, and has been sleeping in six-hour stretches. She enjoys seeing her brother and sister daily, and recently began to giggle and smile when they come into her view or if she hears them. Marie and Jeremy will be brought to an in-home daycare together while Dana and Jamie are working. Since Dana has returned to work, Marie has begun waking and crying multiple times at night again.

Case Study #2

Jeremy, age two years, is a strong-willed boy. He was fed primarily with breast milk, and weaned only three months ago, when his younger sister was born. He loves all moving, car-like toys including trucks, vans, farm equipment, and race cars. He likes to throw his basketball into the hoop, and enjoys playing with his blocks to build towers and animal enclosures. Jeremy has recently been seeking independence. This is a change, since when his sister was born, he became extremely clingy to his mother and then his father. Jeremy often says, “Me do,” when asked if he would like help with a task. He also becomes inconsolable if he is unable to bring a toy car with him out of the home. He has no interest yet in using the toilet on his own. He will “try” if prompted by his parents, but this has not yet been initiated by Jeremy. Jeremy has been using small phrases, but at times his words are very difficult to understand- even for his parents. Many of his “s” words sound like “sch”.

The pediatrician has informed Dana and Jamie that Jeremy has fluid in his ears. Without having tubes implanted, Jeremy may suffer from additional speech delays.

Case Study #3

Avery, age five years, is an energetic little girl. She often talks about her dolls, stuffed animals, and artwork she has made. She loves to create and has enjoyed some aspects of kindergarten for this reason. Avery is above grade level in her reading scores, and reports that she loves to read about animals and babies. Avery loves being an older sister. She often will help her mother with changing diapers, feeding, or helping around the house. Avery is small for her age, at 27 pounds, and just over 36 inches tall. She does not have any issues with eating, exercising, and per blood work, she seems to be getting all necessary nutrients. Avery was born premature, at seven months. She was underweight, at four pounds, but was healthy enough to go home after just two weeks in the hospital. Although Avery is helpful around the home, interested in her siblings, and emotional toward her family members, she is extremely shy at school. She has been having trouble making friends. Her parent-teacher conferences are depicting that she has trouble focusing on any work, other than reading or art times. The teachers often allow Avery to get up to “get the wiggles out” otherwise she will shake her leg or completely disengage from the lesson.

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