Self-Care for the Social Work

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Final Presentations


(All presentations must be done by May 16—th for final grades to be submitted. There are no exceptions). The instructor will provide presentation dates soon.
Select one of the topics below to do a 5-minute (no more than 10 minutes) presentation via zoom meeting. You may select from the list provided or present your own topic related to the social work profession. To successfully pass the final, please, ensure the following: o The camera is on when conducting your presentation. o Address all questions asked from the selected topic. o Discuss how your topic is related to the social work field. o Your presentation meets the minimum requirement of 5 minutes. o You may use a PowerPoint Presentation. After your presentation is completed, upload it to Blackboard for grading
Topic 1: Self-Care for the Social Work Student & Future Social Worker o Why is self-care relevant to the social work student? o Why is self-care relevant to a social worker? o What happens when a social worker fails to self-care? o What are recommendations for self-care?
Topic 2: Burnout & The Social Work Profession o What are the rates of burnout and the social work profession? o Why is burnout a significant concern in the social work profession? o How do social workers avoid burnout?
Topic 3: Select an ethical standard from the NASW code of ethics. • What does the selected ethical standard state? • What is the relevance to the social work field? • Do you agree or disagree with this ethical standard? Explain. • List ways that you will practice this ethical standard during your social work internship.

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