Sport, disability, and social inclusion

Sport, disability, and social inclusion
use this link to make a powerpoint slide with notes. make a presentation
Your presentation must include the following items:
An outline of your presentation.
A summary of the reading, including, where relevant, aims, rationale, research question/s, participants, methodology, key findings, limitations, and recommendations. Keep in mind that while interpretation of the content is important, you don’t have to know everything about the reading. You might choose to focus on specific elements of the reading that you found more interesting or informative. Note: Please DO NOT simply copy or ‘re-write’ the abstract or simply list the subheadings of the article. Demonstrate that you have read and understand the article and can give your own ‘synopsis’ of what it is about.
A discussion of the implications of the reading in relation to the week’s topic (how does the reading relate to the topic and/or help to demonstrate specific ideas or concepts relating to the topic?)
Your evaluation and reflections on the reading, including what you have found interesting, important, significant, or useful for understanding the topic and/or your career development. Reflect on the readings value or usefulness in deepening your understanding of the topic. The key is to evaluate and explain the source’s relevance and importance and what it adds to your knowledge about a particular issue.
Discussion: Prepare at least three possible questions with which to lead a class discussion. Designate one team member as the discussion leader. Other team members may contribute to the discussion, but the discussion leader will be responsible for organizing and controlling the discussion. Lead a discussion utilizing your prepared questions, along with any others which have occurred to you during the presentation. Conclude your presentation by opening the floor for questions and comments from the class audience.
Each group will read their chosen reading, summarise the reading, and discuss implications of the reading during your 10-minute presentation time
remember only use the link for the research!!
also use rubric for the guidelines