Submit your 8 – 10 slide PowerPoint presentation summarizing the type of CAM you selected from STEP 1

Post your CAM topic for the PowerPoint Presentation in both the Subject line and Body of this discussion.
Each student has to work on a different topic.
Below is a list of some possible topics. There is also the Additional Types of Manual Therapy list.  Look over the lists and think about other topics or techniques in CAM.

Water Therapy
Rolfing Herb
Therapy Yoga



Submit your 8 – 10 slide PowerPoint presentation summarizing the type of CAM you selected from STEP 1.
When you prepare your PowerPoint, be sure that the viewer will know the following six (6) items:

What the CAM practice actually is?
Who are its practitioners?
How it is typically used?
Why people use this type of CAM?
Its current status in the Medical world.
What evidence is there that supports its use?

If you use graphics in your presentation, please be sure that they are small in size and suitable for the PowerPoint format.
Title your presentation with the subject of your presentation, and attach it in this Discussion Forum.
Be sure to:

Proofread your PowerPoint Presentation before submitting. You will not be able to edit once you submit.
Type the title of your presentation in the subject line.
Use standard English grammar and spelling in your responses.CAM Topic: Acupuncture


**Title Slide:**

– Title: Acupuncture: An Overview of a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice


**Slide 1: Introduction**

– Definition of acupuncture

– Origin and history of acupuncture


**Slide 2: Practitioners**

– Who practices acupuncture? (Acupuncturists, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Medical doctors, etc.)

– Training and qualifications required to become an acupuncturist


**Slide 3: How it is typically used**

– Treatment settings (private clinics, hospitals, community health centers, etc.)

– Conditions treated with acupuncture (pain management, stress relief, fertility issues, etc.)


**Slide 4: Why people use acupuncture**

– Benefits of acupuncture (pain relief, improved relaxation, enhanced well-being, etc.)

– Patient testimonials and anecdotes


**Slide 5: Current status in the Medical world**

– Recognition and acceptance of acupuncture in mainstream medicine

– Integration of acupuncture into conventional healthcare settings


**Slide 6: Evidence supporting acupuncture**

– Research studies and clinical trials on acupuncture efficacy

– Meta-analyses and systematic reviews on acupuncture outcomes


**Slide 7: Safety considerations**

– Risks and side effects associated with acupuncture

– Importance of seeking qualified practitioners and licensed facilities


**Slide 8: Conclusion**

– Recap of key points

– Future trends and developments in acupuncture practice


**References Slide:**

– List of references used in the presentation, formatted in APA style

You will have to write a paper focusing on health disparities and interventions in a population outside of the United States

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