SWK352: Children and their issues Assignment, SUSS, Singapore: Kumar (7 years old) ran to his neighbour’s (Mdm. Siti) flat to escape from his father’s further beating

Kumar (7 years old) ran to his neighbour’s (Mdm. Siti) flat to escape from his father’s further beating. Kumar and his mother, Ranee (36 years old) get along well with Mdm. Siti. Upon seeing the bruises on Kumar, Mdm. Siti brought Kumar to Changi Family Service Centre (CFSC) for help as she was not able to contact Ranee who was at work. This was not the first time Mdm. Siti had seen bruises on Kumar.

Kumar finally managed to contact his mother who rushed down from work to speak with you, the intake officer.

Ranee informed you that there have been many conflicts at home since Kumar started primary school 8 months ago. Kumar has not been doing well in school. His teachers have given feedback and also suggested that Kumar be assessed for possible learning disabilities as he presented difficulties in staying focussed in class. He also has been having difficulties completing his homework.

Kumar’s father (37 years old), Thiru, has been very frustrated with the feedback from the school teachers. He felt that Kumar was just being lazy and “not stupid.” Thiru rejected the teacher’s offer of assessment and wanted to try helping Kumar himself. Thiru has been trying to coach Kumar in his school work but found it challenging to do so for two reasons.
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First, Thiru’s work hours – he works as a cargo handler on the night shift and would be very tired by the time he reached home around noon the following day. Second, Thiru has been very frustrated by Kumar’s inability to focus while Thiru struggles to do his best to coach him in his studies when Ranee is at work. Ranee disagreed with Thiru’s use of physical punishment. She felt that Thiru could get over his feelings of frustration with Kumar with time. However, she had seen Thiru’s increasing use of harsh physical punishment on Kumar.
While she was concerned about this, she was at a loss on what to do.

On the day of the critical incident, Thiru had a quarrel with his work place supervisors again and came home later than usual after his night shift. Being aware that he would reach home later, Thiru had called home to ask Kumar to start doing his homework so that Thiru could help him after he reached home. However, Thiru found Kumar playing with his handphone and had not yet started on his homework. Thiru became angry and smashed Kumar’s phone
and caned him with the clothes hanger repeatedly. He scolded Kumar, telling him not to be lazy, if not, Kumar would end up like him, having to take instructions from young and inexperienced supervisors. Kumar had never seen his father being so angry before and ran out of the flat to look for Mdm. Siti.

You wanted to speak with Thiru about the use of harsh physical punishment on Kumar but Ranee rejected the request. She said she would find a way to settle this issue although she was unclear how she would do so. She told you not engage Thiru as she was unsure of Thiru’s response if he found out that she and Kumar had sought help at CFSC. Ranee said she would bring Kumar to see a doctor for his bruises. She asked that you keep all this confidential. Meanwhile, Kumar looked really scared and was crying. He asked if he could stay with his maternal grandmother whom they have a good relationship with and who lived nearby.

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Question 1
Discuss the needs/issues in this family by:
(a) Appraising Kumar’s needs using Maslow’s 5- level Hierarchy of Needs (10 marks).
(b) Explaining the concepts in the Double ABC-X Model and applying these concepts to assess the needs of the family (40 marks). Support your assessment with examples from the case. No diagram of the model is required for (b).

Question 2
In view of Ranee’s request not to let Thiru know about her engagement with the Family Service Centre,
(a) Define and discuss the concepts of privacy and confidentiality. (6 marks)

(b) Assess FOUR (4) concerns you have in safeguarding the client’s right to privacy in the context given. Substantiate your points with examples and research findings. (16 marks).

Question 3

Demonstrate your understanding of issues around the protection of children by discussing THREE (3) guiding principles in child protection in relation to this case. (9 marks). 
Bearing in mind the guiding principles, assess THREE (3) possible plans of intervention (9 marks).
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