Task One: A Reflective Journal Your first task is a reflection on the texts as a

Task One: A Reflective Journal
Your first task is a reflection on the
texts as a whole. This is a personal reflective piece. Think of it as a diary
entry or a journal. What did you relate to and why? What did you not understand
and why? What moved you and why? Were there characters that you felt you
related to? Were there characters that fascinated you even if you hated them? Why?
It is an open and full reflection. For once, you get to write your full,
unfettered opinion.
The only two requirements here are that you
answer the questions above in some way and that you complete the page count.
Task Two: A Current Cultural Piece
Your second task asks you to find a
contemporary piece of literature, art, music, online publication, etc… that you
feel has the same goal (or a similar goal) to the texts we’ve read in class.
Use the above summary and explanation I gave as your guide. You will present
your object via a link, fair use photograph from the internet, or any other
visual object. You will then write two pages describing the piece you’ve chosen
and telling your reader how you relate it to what we’ve read this semester. How
does the piece you’ve chosen attempt to redefine a genre? How does it attempt
to articulate a form of liberation? Or refigure a representation? What about
your piece is important to you/to the world?
Contemporary means written or created in
the last 20 years. Your requirements here are to engage with the texts in the
course, engage with the object you have chosen, and complete the word count.
Task Three: A Creative Piece
For some of you task three may be the
easiest task and for others this may be the hardest. For your final task you
will create your own narrative. This narrative can be poetic, fictional, or
real. It can be a story based on an experience you’ve had or it can be
completely and utterly made-up. It can be a transcript of a conversation; it
can be an interview; it can be a straightforward story about you or someone
else you know.
Your only requirement here is to create
something original that, similarly to the texts we’ve read, investigates the
self/ideas of self. This, contrary to what you’ve written in your responses
this semester, is all you! Your own creation. Two pages.
Final Project proposal draft due 5/5:
(completing this is part of your final grade)
1 Page
1 paragraph describing your
ideas for each part of your final project

Task One: A Reflective Journal Your first task is a reflection on the texts as a
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