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The CEO of Riskco wants to change their accounting software.

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The CEO of Riskco wants to change their accounting software. Using internet research, you must perform the following tasks:

Choose an accounting software
Research how to reconcile a bank account using that software
Incorporate the bank reconciliation procedures using your chosen software into the below Riskco bank reconciliation procedures:

Risckco bank reconciliation procedures

When all the transactions for the month are entered a bank reconciliation is to be performed. The bank reconciliation must be finalised on the 5th business day after the end of the month. Each transaction must be matched and then entered into the accounting system using the correct codes. It is important to use the correct dates, suppliers, customers, GST codes etc depending on the transaction. The cash per ledger as at the end of the month must reconcile to the closing bank balance as per the bank statement at the end of the month. The bank reconciliation report along with the supporting documentation must be reviewed by the account’s manager.

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