The External and Internal Environment

PART A- Business Report (3000 words) — 70 MARKS In the role of a Management Consultant, you are required to undertake an overall strategy review of Tesla and provide a business report to the CEO on further growth opportunities using the techniques and concepts you have covered in the module.

Task 1 -The External and Internal Environment (15 Mar.)

o Identify and critically analyse the external and internal environment for Tesla using relevant models.
o Discuss In more detail what you consider to be the 3 most critical factors emerging from your analysis.
o Determine Tesla’s current sources of competitive advantage and critically evaluate how they maintain and build on this competitive advantage.
Support your arguments with academic literature and references to other similar real companies.

Task 2 — Strategy in the Global Environment (15 Marks)

o Using relevant models for analysing how organisations enter into foreign markets, critically evaluate the motives for Testa expanding Internationally and explain how this impacts their overall company strategy.
o Provide Justified recommendations for the different strategies Testa can use to compete In the global environment.
0 Support your arguments with acadernk literature ond references to other similar real companies.

Task 3 — Corporate Strategy (15 Marks)

0 Evaluate and critically analyse the use of horizontal integration, vertical Integration, outsourcing or strategic alliances.
o Provide recommendations as to how Tesla can Increase their profitability.
Support your arguments wIth OCademic literature and references to Other similar reol companies.

Task 4 — Strategic Purpose — Ethics and CSR (15 Ma.)

0 Using relevant theoretical models analyse and evaluate Tesla’s CSR strategy.
o Identify and critically discuss the main ethical issues which Tesla currently faces and provide recommendations as to how they can address these.
0 Support your arguments with academic literature and references to other similar real companies.
Presentation and Structure (10 Marks)

Assessment Self-Evaluation (N/A)

You should self-evaluate each single task of your report by using the rubric provided in the marking guide and attach It to your report. The template for this can be found In the marking guide section.

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