The final paper is the culmination of the original research carried out through

The final paper is the culmination of the original research carried out through the extensive
reading and analysis of peer-reviewed secondary sources. The purpose of the final paper is to
demonstrate your ability to carry out original research and produce an academic paper with the
use of academic sources. It is up to the student to locate specific sources and interpret them.
Important Guidelines:
Papers must be 10 pages double spaced, one-inch margins, 12 pt Times New Roman font. This
paper is worth 20% of your final grade.
A copy of the paper will be due on Canvas Sunday May 19th by 11:59pm. All materials must
be submitted by the due date and time to avoid any late penalties.
Write a 10-page research paper. Your final paper should demonstrate deep reading and critical
thinking of academic source material. You should include at least 5 scholarly sources. Your
proposals must be written in expository prose and should do the following:
1. Include a proper header with: your full name, the professor’s full name, the course name
number, and the date.
2. An introduction with necessary historical context (background) and the importance of the
3. A research question at the end of the introduction. Example (from another class): How
did the involvement of Chilean President Salvador Allende with Cuban President Fidel
Castro influence the United States’ perception of the Socialist Party of Chile in 1973?
You may tell from the tone of the question that it is open-ended (arguable) because other
scholars can contend the opposite or bring up an entirely different question explaining
U.S. involvement in Chile in 1973, leading to the overthrow of President Allende.
4. A thesis statement that responds to the research question. This should also be in the
5. Analysis and argumentation in support of the thesis statement.
6. At least 5 scholarly sources must be used and cited.
7. A sound conclusion that wraps up the research paper.
8. Please use MLA citations. See the following link for MLA citations:
Other important tips:
• Be sure to use well-organized, clear prose – that is entirely your own. Please remember to
proofread. Use of correct spelling and grammar will importantly factor into your final
• Because I will be providing feedback, guidance, and suggestions on your topic proposal, I
will not look at drafts of your final papers in advance. Feel free to work with on-campus
writing tutors for help. I especially encourage you all to work with one another: exchange
papers, help each other revise and edit, etc. However, if you are struggling with the paper
conceptually and/ or have specific questions about specific parts of the paper, I encourage
you stop by my office hours where we can discuss any concerns.
• Please provide a separate cover page (including your name and the title of the paper) as
well as a works cited page. These will NOT be counted towards your final page count.
Additionally, please make sure that all pages (excluding cover page) have page numbers.
• You must only include peer-reviewed secondary sources. You must only include
scholarly peer reviewed sources in order to receive a passing grade on the assignment.
• Do not plagiarize and/ or submit work that is AI generated. Note: you will not receive a
passing grade on the assignment if any or all portions of the assignment is AI generated.
Please be advised.
• Please use MLA citations. See the following link for MLA citations: