The paper reflected the title I gave it. It had all the parts of a research pape

The paper reflected the title I gave it. It had all the parts of a research paper and was APA format compliant. While some topics that were mentioned in the assigned video were addressed, the assignment was to review the video and comment on it and the technologies, techniques and approaches the presenter gave. I see little of that my your paper. Here are the key topics of the video as I saw them. So please edit the paper with following:
Key Points Mocana video 
• Definitions: IT – processing of data for commerce. OT – devices doing discrete functions or data from machines systems. IoT – home devices. IIoT – single devices inside industrial frameworks 
• Security comes down to cost of failure. IT attacks cost fines and brand reputation. OT attacks can come down to risk of life or more severe. 
• Who attacks – IT hackers $ gain, OT nation-state attacks.
• Mitigations: IT – typical network firewalls, threat detection, gateways OT – Physical security, air gap, safety processes, incident response 
• Connected devices: IT – windows and other OSs OT – unique software, diverse types of computers, large numbers diverse, data encryption challenging OT – protection more important than detection 
• Trust Centers – Trust centers are the one-stop clearinghouses for information about company practices, policies, and procedures on privacy, security, transparency, and compliance. 
• Cloud vs dedicated data infrastructures.
Here is the video link: