The Signature Assignment for this course will be an 8-10 page essay (excluding c

The Signature Assignment for this course will be an 8-10 page essay
(excluding cover page, reference page, and appendix) submitted using
MS Word. This is your opportunity to write your own survey. For this
assignment, you should use what you have been working on the past
several weeks to develop a survey instrument. Submit your survey
instrument in Appendix A of your paper. Below are suggested
headings for your paper:
Overview of Concepts Surveyed: Based on your survey topic, what
concepts need to be included to answer your survey objective? What
in the literature has helped you to identify these concepts as
pertinent? What concepts are dependent and what are independent
Overview of Questions: Describe what type of questions you will be
using. Are they closed, open, or a mix of both? How many questions
do you feel you need to answer your research question? Is this
1 / 2appropriate for your proposed sample?
Writing the Questions: Include your first draft of your survey (i.e.
demographic questions, open-ended questions, Likert Questions)
along with any established instrument(s) (if appropriate) related to the
variables you plan to examine. Explain why you believe these were
written clearly. If you were going to pilot test the survey, how many
people will your need? What would be the requirements (or
qualifications) for them to as pilot test subjects for this survey? Are
there ethical considerations with the questions you have posed in the
Analysis of Data: Before conducting any research, you should always
have a plan for data analysis. This is going to influence how you ask
your questions. Based on the concepts and what you are trying to
accomplish, do you need more quantitative data or qualitative data? If
you are using quantitative analyses (ex. correlation, tests of
differences between groups or conditions etc.), do you think your
sample will provide enough statistical power to make the results
meaningful? If you are using qualitative analyses (ex. open ended
survey responses), how do you plan to systematically identify themes
in the written responses of participants?
Ethical Considerations: How do you plan to ethically access this
sample of participants as part of your planned survey? As needed,
what permissions do you need to obtain in order to access the sample
of participants to be part of your planned survey? Discuss any
potential risks to participants in completing this survey. Although you
may not perceive any risks, there are always underlying psychological
considerations for any social science research.
Summary: Describe how this survey will fill a gap in the literature.

The Signature Assignment for this course will be an 8-10 page essay (excluding c
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