There will be one topic for this forum, which is “paying attention.” Please be

There will be one topic for this forum, which is “paying attention.”
Please be careful to include all three parts listed below in your posting.
Since your posting will be written in several parts as specified, it would be helpful to do your posting in Word so you can save it, do each part, spell check and grammar check, then cut and paste your posting in the forum.
Write about the first thing that comes to your mind regarding “paying attention.”
Read “Paying Attention: A Leap Toward Quality Health Care” at
After you finish reading, without referring to the article, write up to four complete sentences in your own words about what you think is the most important thing you learned from reading the article.
After you have written, check the article to verify that you have not inadvertently quoted directly from the while attempting to write in your own words.
If you discover that you have quoted, rewrite this part in your own words, which can be the most difficult part of writing a summary.
Look in the article and quote what you think is the single most important sentence, perhaps something that current or future health professionals should consider or something that is important for students.
You may have used other formats for quoting in other classes. The format below is required in this class. Please be careful to follow it exactly.
Failure to put a direct quote in quotation marks–even if the source is listed–is actually plagiarism, so please be careful about that in all classes.
For the purposes of this forum, follow the format below. Give the title of the source and since there are multiple authors, list the authors as Mary Piven and others. Introduce your quotation as done in the sample below. Put the directly quoted words in quotation marks then after that provide the URL (website) for the source in the format below. After that citation, in your posting, comment on the quotation you chose.
In the article “Paying Attention: A Leap Toward Quality Care,” Mary Piven and others observe that “other disciplines, such as social work and maintenance, can contribute meaningful resident information that if attended to will avert potential problems” (Online, available at

There will be one topic for this forum, which is “paying attention.” Please be
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