Think of a conflict you have had within the past 6 months with a friend, family

Think of a conflict you have had within the past 6 months with a friend, family member, or significant other. As you think back on that conflict and the interaction(s) you had with the other person, focus on particular language and behavior that aligns with what you have learned about the four conflict goals described in Interpersonal Conflict.
Create a new Word document and write an analysis of this past conflict by identifying the four conflict goals with specific language and/or behaviors for each goal. Your paper should have an introduction paragraph that provides a brief one or two-sentence description of the context in which the conflict occurred, and then a separate paragraph for each conflict goal. For each conflict goal, provide a brief description of the conflict goal, then provide specific language and/or behavior that matches the conflict goal, and then tell why you believe the language/behaviors illustrate that particular conflict goal. Don’t forget the conclusion paragraph to tie it all together. Be sure to use terms and concepts from the text to clearly demonstrate that you understand these concepts.
Paper Specs (Specifications)
Put your name and word count in the upper left corner of the paper (200-500 words).
Include an introduction and a conclusion paragraph.
YOU WILL NEED TO REFERENCE THIS TEXTBOOK CHAPTERS 3&4 – Interpersonal conflict (11th ed.)
William W. Wilmot
ISBN-13: 9781264164264
ISBN-10: 1264164262
McGraw-Hill Higher Education