This assignment is meant to have you think critically about your own life, caree

This assignment is meant to have you think critically about your own life, career aspirations, and determine actionable steps on how to achieve your goals. I understand that you may not know exactly what you would like to do by the end of this course, but I would like you to choose 1 career/job that you are considering. 
You will develop a 5-year plan based on your career interests and you will outline the necessary steps to achieve your academic and professional goals. You will also reflect on your own values, experiences, professional passions, and how they all impact your career choice. Your paper should include:
• Explanation of your chosen job/career
• Educational requirements for that job/career
• You may also consider additional requirements that may be needed prior to going into the field or continuing education (internships, research experience, certifications, etc.)
• Why you are selecting that job/career and reflect on how your own life experiences, passions, values, etc. may have influenced that choice. You may also consider the financial aspect of your job and what salary implications may have on your future lifestyle needs. 
• Outline the steps of how you will get to that job/position from your current age and educational level.
• For example: I am currently a second year student and in five years, I will be…
Your paper should follow APA format and have all appropriate citations if you are using outside references as you research your career path. Your paper should be between 3- 5 pages. Please make sure that you have proofread your assignment before submitting as grammatical, spelling and APA errors will impact your final grade.