This is for a post-graduate class. Paper length – 10-13 pages, at least 10 sourc

This is for a post-graduate class. Paper length – 10-13 pages, at least 10 sources, and a thesis statement
his is the paper topic. “The challenges and the pros of outsourcing public service jobs for federal, state, or local work (you may wish to narrow your scope to get details and information on one level)”
These are the instructions: I). Historical background and events shaping the workforce human resource issue
II) Describe and analyze the HR public policies impacting the workforce due to the issue
III) Describe and analyze the laws and court actions that may have impacted or influenced this public workforce issue
IV) Analyze and evaluate what can be done in the future concerning this effort in accordance with the academic journals and sources you have researched.
PAPER SPECIFICATIONS TO MEET AN “A” requirement (other than excellent content)
APA format…all sources used in the paper must be referenced on the reference page (all APA format). Please see the Library services link to databases and my reference pages with links to help you place your sources in proper APA format with both the in-text citation and references. If you cannot be meticulous enough to write your sources properly, you will not receive a grade that reflects excellence: an A grade.
Sources: At least 10 sources.
What you cannot use as a source for your paper: Do not use this course or another MPA course textbook, nonacademic sources (media)..unless approved by the instructor, blogs unless approved by the instructor, any type of encyclopedia (this should have stopped with your middle school papers), Wipakedia (automatic D if not F if you cite this as a source).
What you can use as a source for your paper: I am expecting academic journals, government websites that are not editorial articles (city, state, federal agencies), academically qualified books (biographies, autobiographies, non-fiction, primary source material from a mayor that may be an interview, etc. , but check these through the instructor), (28).png
Your paper should have a strong thesis statement that carries throughout the paper, and each paragraph serves to support it. Each paragraph should have a strong topic sentence that every sentence in that paragraph supports. Each paragraph should also have an expert that supports that topic sentence and the information that you have written on that topic. You use references to support your point. You may think this statement and discuss it thoroughly, but if you don’t use academic sources to support your points then you have written an opinion/editorial for me to read. This is not the assignment.
You DO NOT DIRECT QUOTE in this paper or course. I want you to read your sources and show me you understand what they are saying by placing their words in your own words (totally restructuring the sentence without synonym replacing) and explaining what your source is stating and how that supports the point made in the paragraph. Quoting any part of the source and not placing quotations (trying not to alert me to your using a direct quote) will be counted as plagiarizing even if you cite the source. NO quote should be used in the paper; however, no quote should ever be used and not have quotations. So make it easy on yourself, understand what your source is saying and then write it in your own words and give credit to the source.
Plagiarism: Understand plagiarism is zero and report to the Chair. However, poor paraphrasing using synonym substitutions to change the sentence is also a form of plagiarism as well as very sloppy paraphrasing. You need to rewrite and totally restructure your paraphrase sentences, so they are in your own words and still address the point the source was making and cited properly. Additionally, when a student tries to substitute words when paraphrasing, the sentence flow is compromised, and the paper will receive a very low grade on a major assignment. If you wait until the last minute for an assignment you have weeks to complete, as always, you will lose 10% per day no matter the excuse. There are plenty of students with more difficult challenges that have stayed up late and excelled in doing their best no matter their situation. Thus, this is why I “equally” allow you to decide if you want to decrease your grade by 10% per day, and I am not forced to assess excuses.
DO NOT turn in an incomplete assignment. It will be very detrimental to your grade. Not meeting your word count or your references and not completing all the areas stated you are to address will be considered incomplete work.
EXCEED all MINIMUMS: to even qualify for an A grade (in no way does it guarantee it, but you will not receive an A if you do not significantly go over your word count (see what this includes for the word count) and you must exceed your references as well. The latter helps in case you have to use an nonacademic source and your reference as well as the words supporting this source are discredited; you still should be able to meet your word count and references (since you exceeded the requirements). This provides you a bit of a buffer zone if you make a mistake or make a bad decision on a source.
Paper Length and font:
Where to place my word count? PLACE your word count on the front page of your paper.
Your paper needs to be at “least” 2400 (always well exceed minimums) to 3500 words.
What is included in the word count? The WORD COUNT does NOT include references, in-text citations, any tables, lists, or graphics (which all should be sourced as well) (use Times New Roman Font 12 pitch) which add up to approximately 9.6 -14 pages of text, not including title or references ( hint: well-exceed minimums and remain under maximums).

This is for a post-graduate class. Paper length – 10-13 pages, at least 10 sourc
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