This project proposal outlines the development and implementation of an emergency action plan for ABC Energy’s main operations complex. ABC Energy is a small electric utility company


This project proposal outlines the development and implementation of an emergency action plan for ABC Energy’s main operations complex. ABC Energy is a small electric utility company that provides power to approximately 35,000 customers across three cities in Jethro County, which is located in the Northwest corner of the Texas panhandle. The company employs approximately 100 personnel which all report to the main operations complex. Because ABC Energy provides power to the community, it is paramount that they adequately prepare for emergencies as they may not only impact business operations but also the community. The proposed EAP will address a range of potential emergencies that could impact employee safety and operations within the complex and ensure that ABC Energy personnel are well prepared to respond.

In the Texas panhandle, it is not uncommon to experience severe weather events consisting of hail, snow, extreme heat, and tornados, which can have an impact on ABC Energy’s operations complex. In addition, there is a potential for emergencies involving hazardous materials, active shooter situations, and power outages. Each scenario comes with its own challenges and must be considered in the development of an emergency action plan.

Facility Description

ABC Energy’s operations complex sits on approximately 200 acres of land and consists of three separate buildings, labeled A through C, and a large material laydown yard. The facility is secured by a large razor wire chain link fence. In addition, there are two secure entry ways into the facility, a main entrance and delivery entrance, which have a permanent security booth staffed with security personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Project Goals and Objectives

The primary objectives of this project are as follows:

1.     Develop a Comprehensive EAP: Create a detailed EAP that encompasses various emergency scenarios relevant to ABC Energy, including natural disasters, medical emergencies, security incidents, and technological failures.

2.     Training and Awareness: Address training sessions and awareness programs to ensure that all ABC personnel are knowledgeable of the EAP and their respective roles during emergencies.

3.     Testing and Evaluation: Address regular drills and exercises to evaluate the effectiveness of the EAP and make necessary revisions based on feedback and lessons learned.

4.     Establish Communication Protocols: Establish clear communication protocols for disseminating information and instructions during an emergency, including communication with external agencies.

5.     Resource identification and Allocation: Identify and allocate the necessary resources, including emergency supplies, medical equipment, and trained personnel, to support the EAP.

Applicable Standards and regulations

1.     NFPA 1600: Standard on Continuity, Emergency, and Crisis Management, 2016 Edition

2.     OSHA 29 CFR 1910.38

3.     OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 (I)

Project Description

Assessment of Potential Emergencies and Roles/Responsibilities

1.     Identify emergency scenarios that have the potential to impact ABC Energy’s main operations complex, business operations, and employee safety and wellbeing. Emergency scenarios include:

a.     Severe weather

b.     Hazardous Material Spill or Release

c.      Active Shooter

d.     Earthquake

e.     Power Outages

2.     Identify external resources that may contribute in an active emergency. Agencies to include:

a.     Local fire and EMS

b.     Local law enforcement agencies

3.     Identify roles and responsibilities of internal resources for each aspect of the emergency response process. This includes:

a.     Incident Commander Designation

b.     Incident Command Coordination (outside response agencies)

c.      Incident Command Roles and Responsibilities

d.     Assembly of an emergency response team for each facility within the complex. Each team will consist of 3-4 members from each facility that will be responsible for assisting in medical emergencies, building evacuations, and any other emergencies that may arise during operating hours. It will be important to get the maintenance department involved from each facility as they have radios that can be utilized to communicate between locations but also, if necessary, they can communicate with company dispatch.

EAP Development

1.     Develop specific plans for addressing emergencies that may impact ABC Energy business operations and personnel safety.

2.     Establish training and awareness of the EAP to all ABC Energy personnel within the operations complex.

a.     Develop and distribute educational materials and resources to increase awareness of the EAP and emergency preparedness among employees.

b.     Establish regular drills and exercises to ensure that staff members are familiar with their roles and responsibilities.

3.     Establish procedures for testing and evaluation of the EAP.

4.     Establish communication procedures for communication with internal and external resources. This will include:

a.     Defining roles and responsibilities of team members.

b.     Coordinating with local emergency services

5.     Identify necessary resources and allocation of those resources. This includes:

a.     Maintaining an inventory of emergency supplies, equipment, and resources necessary for EAP implementation

b.     Ensuring trained personnel are identified and available and equipped to respond.

c.      Establish how resources will be allocated, stocked, and tracked.


It is critical that an organization such as ABC Energy has established Emergency Action Plan. Being such a critical piece to the community, operations within the company’s operations complex must be prepared for disaster to strike. This proposal outlines the necessary steps to develop a structured Emergency Action Plan that will ensure ABC Energy’s readiness to respond in the event of an emergency.