This proposal should demonstrate your knowledge of the organization’s current practices and offer a detailed strategy for improvement. This proposal should also be visually appealing and be easy to read for the prospective client

For this assignment, you will respond to a hypothetical request for proposals (RFP) put out by the organization you selected at the beginning of the semester to hire an agency to help them improve their strategic writing and messaging strategies. This proposal should demonstrate your knowledge of the organization’s current practices and offer a detailed strategy for improvement. This proposal should also be visually appealing and be easy to read for the prospective client. Remember that you want to sell your knowledge and your plan of action for the organization. This strategic media proposal is designed to bring together and highlight the skills and concepts you’ve learned over the course of the semester. Make a strong case that draws on evidence from readings, course discussions, cases/examples, and outside sources. Write the report as if you are an external strategic communications consultant for the organization. You should use bullet points, charts, graphs, images, and headings as appropriate to make the report readable and visually interesting. The report (which should be no more than 10 pages) should include the following components: Title Page Table of Contents Introduction/Executive Summary Current Strategy Assessment Audience Analysis Strategic Writing & Messaging Proposal Conclusion References Appendix Introduction/Executive Summary Briefly introduce the report for the client (e.g., purpose, contents, key findings). Current Strategy Assessment Briefly describe the organization and its current situation. Analyze the current strengths and weaknesses of their strategic messaging, include examples the organization’s different platforms. (Note: You will not include opportunities in this section, this is their current state.) Audience Analysis Discuss the organization’s audience demographics, psychographics, and how these influence the message strategy you are proposing. Strategic Writing and Messaging Proposal Here is where you show your strategic, creative skills. Based on what you’ve learned in the class and what you’ve researched about the client, offer specific recommendations for how the client can improve. You don’t need to develop an entire campaign. Just develop a list of key recommendations that touch on the persuasive strategies, diverse voice inclusion, AI strategies (if relevant) and include: Messages: Determine three key messages that the organization should use and for which publics and types of media. What’s the story the organization should tell? What are the phrases, ideas, values, etc. that the organization should message? Platforms/Tools: Make specific recommendations on how the organization should change or improve its current strategic media strategy or approach based on the organization’s audience(s) and the messages you recommended. This could mean changing the platform or medium to match the public or changing what the organization is writing/doing across different media. This could also address frequency on how much or how little the organization should use a medium. Consider both traditional and digital platforms. Additionally, make recommendations for use of AI, persuasive tactics, inclusion of diverse voices, etc., as appropriate. Implementation: Briefly discuss how the strategies will be executed, the timeline you propose and resources needed. Measurement: Based on the objectives, briefly explain how success will be measured and the KPIs that you recommend be tracked. Conclusion Wrap up in a paragraph or less the key takeaways from the report. Leave the client inspired and clear on what it is exactly that you are recommending. References Include a complete list of references cited in the document. Use APA style for your citations. Appendix Include any supporting documents such as mock-up press releases, social media posts, blog posts, scripts, etc. (created throughout the semester and updated using feedback). Specifics The report should be written from the perspective of a strategic communications consultant. Can be single or double-spaced, but should be easy to read. Use any professional font and layout you like. 1-inch margins Use page numbers (can use headers or footers with this information) Use bullets, quote blocks, images, pull quotes, screenshots, etc. Credit your sources and evidence either in the text (e.g., according to a 2019 Pew Internet and American Life Project report) or in footnotes. Be as concise as possible. Be a merciless editor. Write simply and clearly. Be 100% accurate and clear. Grading Criteria This is the final project for a graduate-level writing class. You will lose significant points for ANY typos. Introduction/Executive Summary (10 points) Current Strategy Assessment (30) Provides good overview of organization’s current strategic media situation, including all platforms (traditional and digital) where they are present (20) Analyzes the current strengths and weaknesses of their strategic messaging (20) Includes examples (5) Does not include recommendations (5) Audience Analysis (30) Strategic Writing & Messaging Proposal (40 points) Messages (10) Platforms (15) Implementation (5) Measurement (5) Touched on persuasive strategies and diverse voice inclusion (5) Conclusion (5 points) Quality of report (20 points) Consistent and appropriate voice (10) Readability (5) Sources properly cited, internally and externally (5) GSPS (15 points)