Unit 5 Assignment: Transfer of Training In this assignment, you have a 1-day cla

Unit 5 Assignment: Transfer of Training
In this assignment, you have a 1-day classroom experience in which you need to help a group of engineers and software programmers learn to become project managers. After training, they will have to manage some significant projects. Discuss what you will do to ensure that the engineers and software programmers are able to transfer their project management training to the significant projects they will be assigned. The case is presented in the Noe text on page 197, question 14.
Refer to the assigned text reading.
This assignment is NOT a Worksheet. This assignment does NOT have a TD reference requirement.
You will write this in a formal business letter format. Address your letter to a group of engineers and software programmers whose director is Mr. Smith.
Use the following headers to organize your letter:
One-paragraph review of the situation and pending action.
Transfer of Training: Near/Far
Explain whether your training will be near or far transfer. Which transfer of training (TOT) theory will you use to support your near or far training as identified above? How will you apply that theory in this training event?
Transfer of Training: Adult Learning Theory
What adult learning principles would you include in your training? How would you apply those adult learning principles in your training?
Transfer of Training: Implications
What implications of the learning process would you include in your 1-day classroom experience to support transfer of training? (Implications are reviewed on pages 177–193.) Why would you use these implications of the learning process?
One-paragraph summary of your main points.
Note: If you reference, take care to use quotation marks for direct quotations. Here is an example with correct citation: According to Noe (2017), “Training and development can help a company’s competitiveness by directly increasing the company’s value through contributing to intangible assets” (p. 17).
Note: If you paraphrase, take care to use the author and year of publication. Here is an example with correct citation: Intangible assets are important for any company. One way their value can be increased is a strategic use of training and development (Noe, 2017).
Assignment Requirements
Answers contain sufficient information to adequately answer the questions and contain no spelling, grammar, or APA errors. You may find resources for APA help in the Academic Writer site under Academic Tools in the left navigation of your course. Points deducted from grade for each writing, spelling, or grammar error are at your instructor’s discretion