Vision of Star Castle Hotel

Vision of Star Castle Hotel
The vision of Star Castle Hotel is providing
genuine and heartfelt hospitality
experience to the customers that shall
engrave unique customer experience in the
minds and hearts of the guests (Villa-Clarke,
2022). It also has a vision to become the
guests’ first choice among hotels and aims
to create everlasting memories by offering
unmatched personalised service to the
customers. The hotel’s every action is
guided by moral principles that are
encouraged by lifelong and unfading values.
The values that guide the organisations
actions are harmony in the working
environment, originality of creative
solutions through innovation, nobility,
optimism about meeting customer
expectations and uniqueness of services
(Villa-Clarke, 2022).
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Star Castle Hotel’s plan for market and product
The Star Castle Hotel has some plans of expanding its
activities and market size in the future. Being a family
run business, the hotel has several restrictions and
limitations in case of expansion of both the market and
services (Pizam, 2021). The hotel is planning to carry out
extensive marketing to attract potential customers from
inside and outside UK so that its operations can be
expanded into more islands of the country. The
marketing plan of the hotel includes broadcast, web,
and direct marketing which are intended to encourage
the tourists to come and enjoy their long-buried, joyful
and lively selves at the Star Castle Hotel.
The hotel is also considering to expand its service line by
partnering with several wineries and dining services
such as the Mermaid Inn and Holyvale vineyard (Pizam,
2021). This will help the hotel to offer more
personalised and unique services to its customers. The
hotel also plans to establish its own vineyards to serve
the guests with its own winery products which are
ought to make the customers feel more satisfied.
The hotel is running extensive marketing campaigns in
Facebook, Instagram and other social media which are
primarily focused on the nature and experience that
people can get by visiting the Star Castle Hotel (Modern
hotel tecnology trends for hospitality industry, 2019).
The hotel is trying to go above and beyond to bring
change in its previous business model. It is not using it’s
above the line marketing strategy to market its future
plans for expanding the hotel, however has been
focusing on inclusion of a diverse range of guests and
staff to promote diversity in the Scilly.
The hotel however does not have any current market
development plans due to the losses incurred during the
pandemic situation. It might consider establishing its
branches in some other islands of the greater United
Kingdom when it finds it feasible and profitable to do so
(Pizam, 2021).
The goals of Star Castle Hotel
Past operations of Star Castle Hotel
The Star Castle Hotel was not like its present version
always. The castle was built in 1593, being the centre
piece of a military garrison, which was built at the
orders of the Elizabeth I to protect defences of England
after the planned invasion of Spanish Armada of 1588
(Rahimi and Gunlu, 2016). After the end of its
tempestuous history, the castle turned into a hotel in
1993. However, the hotel got its life when the Francis
family took over the property in the 2000’s and Robert
Francis along with his wife are still roaming in the helm
(Rahimi and Gunlu, 2016). But most of the day-to-day
operations of the hotel are now overseen by Robert’s
son and his daughter-in-law.
The hotel however had developed a centralised
planning system throughout the years watched over by
Robert Francis and his wife and operated by his son and
daughter-in-law. The centralised planning system of the
hotel was helping it run its operations in the prepandemic world while attracting potential customers at
the same time (Modern hotel tecnology trends for
hospitality industry, 2019). The hotel incorporated
digital reservation systems through the development of
a website that connects it with its customers online.
In the pre-pandemic world, the hotel was seeing
constant growth owing to the stunning customer
experiences that it provides to the customers. Because
of the unique customer services, Star Castle Hotel had
become one of the top choices of hotel destination to
the customers. The hotel offered unique events for the
customers to enjoy such as photography holidays,
autumn gateway, gourmet wine weekend, winter storm
watching and similar events (Villa-Clarke, 2022).
Present Operations of Star Castle Hotel
The Star Castle Hotel has a rich history of its
development and operations. However, its present
operations are more effective and efficient that helps
the company to complete its activities effectively and
efficiently. The hotel has included many new facilities
to effectively serve its customers. One of the unique
facilities of the hotel is the heated indoor swimming
pool. The pool offers the guests to relax and enjoy a
perfect unwinding of busy day island hopping. The
tennis court is also a wonderful facility which is
located at a few strolls away from the hotel and
handled by the staff of the hotel efficiently to satisfy
the customers (Modern hotel tecnology trends for
hospitality industry, 2019).
As guests of Star Castle Hotel, they get the
opportunity to use the golf at most south westerly
course in England to have refreshing views and
experiences of golfing, subject to availability. Boating
is a significant part of the visit of the guests at the
Star Castle Hotel. Thus, the hotel has options of
serving the customers with an excellent sea safari
where the guests can enjoy an exhilarating two-hour
trip with shipwrecks, birds and seals etc.
Other unique operations of the hotel are horse riding
and Scilly cart riding throughout the island. Dogs are
also welcomed at the hotel where they can also have
a pleasant stay in the garden rooms and suites. In the
pandemic situation, when all hotels were closed, the
hotel had to stop its operations to prevent the virus
getting into the Scilly. However, with the ease of
restrictions, the hotel adjusted its operations with the
new normal situation such as adopting virtual
operating systems, booking and reservation systems
and contacting with the staff without physical contact
(Villa-Clarke, 2022).
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The goals of the Star Castle Hotel are stated below:
To create good brand reputation by continuous
communication with the stakeholders.
To offer the guests with services and experience
that exceeds their expectations and meet their
needs satisfactorily (Villa-Clarke, 2022).
To attract and serve potential customers to
increase loyalty base.
To operate the hotel business in a way that will
guarantee success and make best of management
To make the business sustainable and increase
revenue streams continuously.
To expand the market of the hotel and offer the
customers with unique services all the time.
To be the number one choice of the customers in
Overview of Star Castle Hotel
Star Castle Hotel is a four-star accommodation hotel on the Isles of Scilly. The hotel is
situated at Garrison, a small walk from the centre of St Mary’s Island and harbour,
providing eye soothing view of the stunning Archipelago (Pizam, 2021). The hotel has 38
bedrooms with traditional sixteenth century castle accommodation opportunities as well
as large country cottage garden accommodation having secluded gardens of 4 acres land
(Star Castle Hotel – Isle of Scilly, 2022). The facilities provided by the hotel include an
indoor heated swimming pool, complementary golf, tennis court and courtesy transport
throughout the stay of the guests.
The focus of Star Castle Hotel is to provide amazing
customer service to all the guests by providing award winning gourmet food featuring
world’s best fresh lobsters and crab which are caught by proprietor Mr Robert Francis by
boarding on the hotels own fishing boat named ‘Gallos’ (Star Castle Hotel – Isle of Scilly,
2022). The hotel also has its own boatman named Rafe who visits the guests during their
breakfast to help them plan their day Island hopping (Villa-Clarke, 2022). It also serves the
guests with a dedicated and long serving staff to ensure relaxed and enjoyable visit of the
guests at the hotel. The unique services that the hotel provide also includes dog-friendly
accommodation services in their garden rooms as well as suites.
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