Week 3 Assignment: Course Project Phase 2: Conversation with the Selected Nurse (Graded)

NR393 Course Project Phase 2:

Conversation With the Selected Nurse Template

Directions: Prior to completing this conversation, carefully review directions, tutorial, and rubric for this assignment. Replace “Name of Student” with your first and last name. Replace “Name of Selected Nurse” with Selected Nurse’s first and last name. Use exact words spoken by each person if using as a transcript. Highlighted italicized questions need to be stated exactly.

For Example:

Selected Nurse States Verbal Permission for Conversation and Submission (25 points)

Oluwadunni Obasoto: Do you agree to this  conversation and submission to my instructor for grading purposes?

Latonia Valiant : Yes. I agree

Student Name: Oluwadunni Obasoto


Student Introduction and Statement of Purpose (20 points)

Oluwadunni Obasoto: Good afternoon .My name is Oluwadunni Obasoto. I am a student of Chamberlain University. I am interviewing you for Phase two project assignment  in Nursing History Class  .I will like to ask for your permission again to have this conversation typed out and submitted to my Professor for grading purpose only.

Selected Nurse Introduction (20 points)

Latonia Valiant: Thank you Dunni. I am humble to be picked by your from all the nurses to be part of this school project and yes I consent for this conversation to be submitted to your Professor. I have being a Nurse for almost 11years now.  I stated out as an LPN for 3years before pusuing my Bachelors in Nursing. i have being a Registered Nurse for almost 8years now. I am a Certified Medical Surgical Nurse for 3years out of the 8years now.

Selected Nurse States Verbal Permission for Conversation and Submission (25 points)

Oluwadunni Obasoto: Do you agree to this  conversation and submission to my instructor for grading purposes?

Latonia Valiant: I agree to the conversation to be typed and submitted to your instructor for grading purposes.

Questions and Answers 

Question 1    

Oluwadunni Obasoto: What are your favorite memories of nursing school from your Student days?

Name of Selected Nurse: Hmmmm. My favorite memories of nursing school is many but I  will pick the day I finished nursing school to be my favorite. I was actually failing in the last semester .Even my professors were advising me to withdraw and come back but I did not resigned from my work and focus on  school. I put my all in studying, changed my study group. I cried when I was listed among the graduating list.

Name of Student: I think majority of nursing students can relate to that fear. Thank you for sharing that experience with me

Question 2    

Oluwadunni Obasoto: How did your first year of RN practice compare to your nursing practice today?

Latonia Valiant : Even though i was an LPN before I became a Registered Nurse, my first Registered Nurse was at the hospital . I have heard how the old eat their young  in Nursing profession. I am also older than my preceptors but I have to humble myself to be able to have a good working environment . Even though I had been a nurse years before the Registered Nurses I worked with then but I had to remind myself that most of the things I know as an LPN cannot be applied to a Registered Nurse responsibilities. Over the years I was able to build up my confidence, skills and people interaction to be able to be the best nurse I can be.

Name of Student: [Words spoken by Student to answer question]

Question 3    

Oluwadunni Obasoto: What were some nursing practices that you used in your earlier years that are no longer used today? Why are they no longer used?

Latonia Valiant : Back then we used to slip the injections into the caps which sometimes injure nurses but now the safety caps are in use.  The number of patients nurses had years ago have changed.

Question 4    

Oluwadunni Obasoto: How have specific persons or events significantly impacted your practice over the years?

Latonia Valiant : My mistakes had the greatest impact in nursing practice. I worked with Nurses that  taught me the right ways to do things. I have seen Nurses that I promised myself that I will never be like them. I always take the good from the nurses I worked with.

Question 5

Oluwadunni Obasoto: How have you impacted the nursing practice of others?

Latonia Valiant :I don’t know if I have being impacting anyone nursing practices, but I know I have tried my best to encourage new nurses to improve their skills and confident. I guess we have to ask the nurses that question. you are one of the nurses so maybe you should answer that question for me

Oluwadunni Obasoto: I know you have being impacting my nursing practice and I appreciate your advises. I know I can come to you for any question or if I am uncertain of anything during my shift with you.

Question 6

Oluwadunni Obasoto: What contributions have you made to nursing in the areas of leadership, provision of care, and/or evidence-based practice?

Latonia Valiant : As a charge nurse I have being trying make every nurses that worked my shift not to be stressed. I see a charge nurse as another hand and brain to make patient outcome better.

Oluwadunni Obasoto: This is one of the things that differentiate you from other charge nurses on this unit. I am rest assured that I will not have a stressful shift whenever you are the charge nurse.

Question 7    

Oluwadunni Obasoto: What challenges in today’s nursing can be improved using lessons from the past?

Latonia Valiant: Some of the nurses of today came into the profession because of money compare to the nurses of before. There are more sick people today compared to before.do you want me to continue?

Question 8    

Oluwadunni Obasoto: Who is your favorite famous Nurse from nursing history?

Latonia Valiant : Florence Nightingale

Question 9    

Oluwadunni Obasoto: How do you use that famous Nurse’s examples in your own practice?

Latonia Valiant : Nightingale is the nurse that bring about washing of hands to prevent  further infection. Nightingale is about providing a safe and caring environment to promote patient health. Nightingale loved nursing.

Question 10  

Oluwadunni Obasoto: Based on your nursing past, what advice would you give to the new Nurse today?

Latonia Valiant:  I would like to advice today nurses to be humble, respect each other and their patients no matter what. Improve your skills as much as you can. do not over work yourself. Leave a good impression of you wherever you work.


Gratitude (20 points)

Oluwadunni Obasoto: This  will bring us to the end of our conversation. I will like to thank you for your time and experiences shared with me.

Summary (20 points)

Oluwadunni Obasoto: This project is to pick one of the nurse I know that have impact on my nursing Practice. I picked Nurse Latonia Valiant because I know she is an experienced nurse and also because she is very patient and try to solve every problem that is brought to her as the charge nurse. She is also ready to learn from anybody that is ready to teach her.

 I picked her because she have being impacting me.I would like to be a nurse like her