WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT REFLECTION ROUGH DRAFT This week you will begin a draft that will eventually become your final project in Week 6. This draft asks you to reflect on your weekly journal entries,



This week you will begin a draft that will eventually become your final project in Week 6. This draft asks you to reflect on your weekly journal entries, your self-assessment scores, insights you’ve gained about what you need to be successful as a learner as you move through your program  and by reviewing everything you have done and learned so far in this course to inform your written narrative.

To prepare for the Assignment:

· The Writing Center ‘Drafting a Narrative’ resource you identified in Week 3.

· The automated writing feedback tool Grammarly you identified in Week 3.

· Your journal entries and previous assignments.

· Your Self-Assessment results from Week 1.

· Your discussion posts.

· The weekly resources discussing what it means to be human in a technological world.


Submit a 2- to 3-page rough draft essay that includes responses to all three sections listed below plus an introduction.

Assignment Instructions:

During Week 6, you’ll be guided through a revisions and proofreading process that will help you further develop and improve your rough draft by adding more thoughts, incorporating any feedback received, and ensuring you’ve followed Academic Writing Expectations. Your final draft will be due at the end of Week 6.

The required elements for both weeks are the same, but the expectations are slightly different. The grading rubrics for Weeks 4 and 6 demonstrate this. For example, this week’s rough draft represents a first attempt at putting your thoughts down on paper and only covers four weeks. By Week 6, your final paper should be longer, include obvious improvements to the rough draft, and include aspects from the entire class term.

Your Week 4 paper should include three sections and an introduction.  Support your ideas with specific examples and resources whenever possible.

Before you begin this assignment, open a blank document where you can type your draft and take advantage of spell check and editing functions. Just make sure to save often in case of a technical difficulties. Include the following parts:

Section 1: Introduction

An introduction tells the reader what the coming article is about. An introduction is usually a paragraph of 3-5 sentences. For this introduction, answer the following questions:

· Was there a specific moment when I decided to continue my education? If so, what was it?

· What inspired me to take this step?

· Why did I choose to become a member of the Walden community?

Section 2: Main Body

The first and longest section of your draft should describe who you are today as a result of this first-term course and starting your educational journey. Consider your personal plan for success at Walden.

Part 1: Today I am…

Think about some of the course themes and big ideas we discussed and connect them to the way you will approach learning and future classes.

Be specific and point to course examples to support your ideas.

Answer these questions to develop this section:

· How do I plan to be fully human in this online academic world?

· Consider the ideas discussed in the Week 1 resources about what it means to be human.

· How ready do I feel to embark on this journey?

· How do the tools and available support contribute to achieving my goals?

Part 2: I will reach my goals by….

The second section is about your future. Be practical.

Make a commitment to yourself and the classmates who might need your support during the program. Think about your reasons for being here and what you hope to achieve.

Answer these questions to develop this section:

· How am I managing the business of being a student?

· What questions do I still have about my enrollment, my program, my planned course of study?

· How will I protect my learning process?

· What time management and support network decisions have I made? Consider the Time Management Toolkit Resources.

· How might I identify a mentor (colleague with different professional skills, someone in your profession, community, or a Walden Faculty Member) to support my educational efforts

· What are my technical challenges and how might I solve them?

Part 3: I will join the Walden community by….

Walden is committed to social change. Your choice to pursue further education is in and of itself an act of social change.

In the third section, explain how you might:

· Contribute to social change at home, in your current employment, and in your community.

· Become a mentor to others in the program?

· Identify at least two university resources that you believe will be useful to you in your academic journey. Explain in detail why you have chosen these resources.

In the final week we will add one more section and a conclusion to this draft.


Required Readings

· Michelle Obama. (2020, May 7). BiographyLinks to an external site.. https://www.biography.com/us-first-lady/michelle-obama

· Holden, S. (2003). Johnny Cash, Country Music Bedrock, Dies at 7Links to an external site.1.  https://www.theguardian.com/news/2003/sep/13/guardianobituaries.artsobituaries

· Productions, A. I. R. L. G.-. (2009). Extended Biography – The World Food Prize – Improving the Quality, Quantity and Availability of Food in the WorldLinks to an external site.. Retrieved from https://www.worldfoodprize.org/en/dr_norman_e_borlaug/extended_biography/

· Profile: Malala YousafzaiLinks to an external site.. (2017, August 17). BBC News. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-23241937

· Tim Berners-Lee biographyLinks to an external site.. (2018, March 5). Biography Online. https://www.biographyonline.net/business/tim-berners-lee.html

· Kelion, L., (24 September, 2019) Google wins landmark right to be forgotten caseLinks to an external site.. BBC.com accessed at https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-49808208

Required Media

· Yuknavitch, L. (2016). The beauty of being a misfitLinks to an external site. [Video]. TED: Ideas worth spreading. https://www.ted.com/talks/lidia_yuknavitch_the_beauty_of_being_a_misfit

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