Week 7 – Write My Paper Today

For this assignment, interview a building-level school administrator and
a classroom teacher. Your goal is to develop a basic profile of an
effective leader using the two sets of responses. (Make sure that you
include the types of professional development required/completed in
your interview, as well as the role it plays.)
Next, write a paper that compares and contrasts the two interviews.
Include the following in your analysis:
● Create a presentation to show the key results from your two
● Include a summary of the interviews and specifically address the
responses to each question. This summary should not be a
transcript of the interviews; paraphrase the information except
when a direct quote is particularly poignant or needed to capture
the individual’s meaning.
● Determine educational, social, training and factors that might result
in improvements in one or more aspects of school operations.
● Relate the information you have discovered back to research in the
field, and then present a synthesis of their findings.
Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference page.
References: A minimum of five scholarly references, published within
the last five years, to support your assertions.

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