What are your thoughts with wearable devices?

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While you are reading this week’s lesson material and considering this discussion question, I thought to share that I am personally amazed at the advancement of wearable technologies. While wearable devices such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) gadgets, Fitbit, Smart Watch, and Smart sports accessories products which may or may not appeal to everyone, I do think that wearables that have health care functions can offer lifestyle improvement to those who need them. Examples including using Apple Watch to gather data from patients during their cardia rehabilitation program by providing heart rate and heart rhythm notifications, Jabra hearing aids that can be remotely programmed for each individual user, PatientPoint has a monitoring product that enables medical staff to identify health trends of their patients to adjust treatment plans and provide preventive cardia care, etc.

What are your thoughts with wearable devices?


I think the biggest advancement in the last decade and a half would have to be smartphones. Ten to fifteen years ago we still had flip phones and blackberries. Although they had more capabilities than cell phones in previous years, smartphones have advanced by leaps and bounds, each year becoming faster and faster and either smaller or with a bigger vivid display. The screens have more visual effects and some can even fold.

What new capabilities do you consider looking at when purchasing a smart phone and in the near future do you foresee a significant change?