What is your career goal and how can developing a growth mindset help to keep you motivated to reach that career goal? Part 2 Rate your overall time management skills. How effective are you in managing time? What changes have


Writing – Journal Entry 

Part 1

Select Create Journal Entry to answer the following questions for this week’s journal reflection:

What is your career goal and how can developing a growth mindset help to keep you motivated to reach that career goal?

Part 2

Rate your overall time management skills. How effective are you in managing time?

What changes have you made or plan to make in order to add this course to your daily schedule?

Thinking about Stephen Covey’s habit, Being Proactive, what does being proactive mean to you in relation to your time management?

Part 3

Share a short-term SMART goal for this course. Be sure to make your goal Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

How will this SMART goal help you achieve your long-term goal?

Part 4

At Post, your success is one of our main priorities. This placement test will help determine which personalized English course track will help you build skills to succeed in your academic journey.

Complete ONE of the following writing prompts in a well-formulated paragraph and follow the submission directions below.

Choose ONE of the following prompts to answer in a paragraph:

If you could have dinner with anyone (historical figure, celebrity, family/friend, fictional character), who would you pick and why?

What would be one accomplishment from your life that you are most proud of and how did you overcome any obstacles around completing that accomplishment?

Think about the educational journey you are about to embrace here at Post. Why is earning a degree important to you?

Response should be one typed paragraph that is between 7-9 sentences.

Part 5

How can the habit Begin With the End in Mind keep you motivated when you are feeling overwhelmed?

What study strategies will most help you improve?

How do you take advantage of learning styles in a way that will benefit you as you work through your degree or even in your chosen profession?

Part 6

A strategy discussed in this week’s reading is SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review). How is this strategy similar to and/or different from the way you read course material previously?

Covey’s 3rd habit, Put First Things First, means recognizing that your time, energy, and resources are limited. How would you prioritize reading in your schedule?

Explain the importance of improving your reading strategies now and when you work in the field of child studies.

Part 7

In what ways could creative, critical, and analytical thinking help you to be a better student and employee?

Think of a routine task (studying, exam preparation, downtime, grocery shopping, food preparation, etc.) in your life that you may have never questioned. How can this routine be improved? How would this benefit you?

How can creative thinking help you in the field of early childhood education?

Part 8

Covey’s 7th habit, Sharpening the Saw, is all about keeping your personal self “sharp.” It means regularly renewing and strengthening the four key dimensions of your life: your body, your brain, your heart, and your soul. You can’t even think about sharpening the saw when you’re always busy sawing.

What is something you’d work on improving if you had the time?

What is the best way to balance your brain? Body? Heart? Soul?

What are some ways you can keep your saw sharp while in school and then also in your profession?

Part 9

What simple steps do you take to create a financial plan?

Explain how poor financial literacy can affect your current or future career aspirations.

Part 10

Share your thoughts on how you can synergize your savings by making sure that your money is working FOR and not AGAINST you.

Part 11

What are the top two (2) skills or strategies you learned during this course, and how could they benefit you and your career aspirations?

What do you know now that you wish you knew on the first day of class?

If you could offer advice to the next students to take this class, what would it be?

Part 12

How does the habit Win-Win, along with the concepts of inclusivity and diversity, help to grow an organization and help you to increase your growth mindset?



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