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Winslow Homer: Crosscurrents [Gallery 899, FLR 2] Before Yesterday We Could Fly:

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Winslow Homer: Crosscurrents [Gallery 899, FLR 2]
Before Yesterday We Could Fly: An Afrofuturist Period Room [Gallery 508, FLR 1]
Each of these exhibitions present art and other cultural objects that are historically situated in relation to the 19th century, connecting to broader events like the U.S. civil, Reconstruction, and to specific instances like the history of Seneca Village, a 19th century community of predominantly Black tenets and landowner’s, that was situated in what is now Central Park, just west of where the Met stands today.
Either in person at the Met or using the links provided below, familiarize yourself with each of the three exhibitions listed above.
Use the resources the Met provides as as jumping off point, free to go further.
Select one artwork or object from each exhibition to specifically focus upon.
Draw or otherwise visually record/document each of your selections, adding to your images basic information, if known, such as the date of the object, the artist/s or creator/s, materials, date, and size.
Record everything that you think makes your selections unique, e.g. composition, subject matter, style, uses of color or tonal values, etc.
From there, move on to writing a page of notes (minimum) for each of your selections. Record initial thoughts on your selections, and then work to add some research into its historical and social context. You can think about things like, when was this object made? how was it used? what story might it tell? what history or histories is it connected to? what does is say of the past, how might it relate to the present? Or basically: how might your selection in your view, informed by the resources provided or added, speak of or to the past and how might it speak of or to the present? How do you relate to this object as an object in a museum but also as an item that might allow a view into a history, a concept of a past and how that might relate to a present moment or a view into the future?
In the end, you should have drawings with notes and related pages of writing corresponding to your selections from each exhibition. Upload your finished work (or images of) to Canvas.
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>>>Links to Before Yesterday We Could Fly
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Virtual tour: (Links to an external site.)
Booklet, including graphic novella: Before_Yesterday_We_Could_Fly_An_Afrofuturist_Period_Room.pdf Download Before_Yesterday_We_Could_Fly_An_Afrofuturist_Period_Room.pdf

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Before Yesterday We Could Fly:
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