Write a 5-8 page essay explaining and analyzing the significance of at least fiv

Write a 5-8 page essay explaining and analyzing the significance of at least five key points from Kate Crawford’s Atlas of AI.
• Read the Book: Read at least five chapters of Crawford.
• Five Key Points: Identify at least five key points, issues, or questions, discussed by
Crawford. Explain and discuss significance each of these five key points. How did
they help you understand a critical issue relating to artificial intelligence?
• Five Section Headings: Your essay should have five sections. One for each key
point. Number and use a descriptive section heading for each of your five key
• Five Additional Sources: In addition to using Crawford as your major source, you
must clearly and explicitly quote, link, and cite at least five other sources of information for your assignment. Use journalistic, academic, or governmental sources found online from major news publishers, institutions, or organizations. Use your student subscription to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal to find sources. Essays that do not quote or make significant use of credible source material will not be accepted. You will be graded on the quality and the quantity of the source materials you use to write your essays.
Things to remember:
• Essays that do not make significant use of Atlas of AI and at least five other news sources will not be accepted. Use your own words and brief quotations and key points from the Atlas of AI as much as possible.
• Do not plagiarize, use quotation marks, and cite your sources clearly using a standard form of citation: Chicago, MLA, APA. Cite page numbers for Crawford (no matter which form of citation you choose.)
• Use links in the text if you refer to online sources.
• Do not