write a four page essay explaining why abortion should be illegal using the foll

write a four page essay explaining why abortion should be illegal using the folllowing
Thesis Statement: Abortion should be illegal because it is taking human life that does not have a say whether to live or not, it can have long-term physical and mental problems for a women, and a person should take responsibility for their actions
Body Paragraph: taking a human life 
Having abortion is murder, people often think its not because the babies are still a bunch of “cells” but life begins at conception and a fetus is a person
Abortion takes the right of whether someone wants to live or not. The baby could have grown up and have a better life than others. 
Body Paragraph: long term physical and mental problems 
Having an abortion can be a physical problem in the future because it can cause you to be infertile, there is a risk of breast cancer, and premature death
Lots of people have more mental problems due to abortions. They are more likely to get higher anxiety, become depressed, abuse alcohol and marijuana, and commit suicide
Body Paragraph: taking responsibility 
You should not be involved in sexual intercourse unless you are with the person you want to spend the rest of your life and are okay with having a child with. Waiting for the right person can bring you and your partner closer together and have a special connection that no one else has. You also won’t have the fear of thinking your pregnant without being married or wanting to have a child. 
Having unsafe and unprotected intercouse is your choice and your fault and sometimes there are actions to that choice and you need to take responsibility for your wrong doing. You can also get diseases that are long-term.