You should not have to do any additional research. Just need to take my written

You should not have to do any additional research. Just need to take my written case study and its already cited sources and put together a canva or powerpoint presentation.
The number of sources is whatever needs to be sited and whatever is sited in the paper
The Case Study Presentation
Create a narrated presentation about your final case study. The presentation must demonstrate how the information from your case study report is relevant and meaningful to your chosen organization.
The key components are:
Demonstrate the organization as it is now – the present and how it could be in the future.
Demonstrate how you would bring any identified gap in performance back into compliance.
Demonstrate how you could potentially keep these organizational activities from deviation in the future.
Create a 10-15 slide presentation of scholarly material following this format:
The first slide should include an agenda.
The last slide should be the reference page (not bulleted, but APA formatted).
The Presentation must have citations, and as stated, the last slide must have a reference list.
You must include audio narration in your presentation.
Select a presentation software provided in the attached directions for creating narrated presentations to record your presentation. Here are some helpful tips for creating your presentation:
You can create a voice-over PowerPoint presentation.
You can also share your screen to present a slide show in Zoom. Zoom will save the video file to your computer. I recommend you upload your video to YouTube. You may make your YouTube video unlisted. If your video file is small (less than 500 MB, you may upload it in your assignment submission in Blackboard.)
Prezi allows voice-over presentations, but you must record your audio for each slide using an audio recording program like Audacity first. You can upload your PowerPoint into Prezi and add your narration to each slide.
Submitting your Presentation:
Include your narrated presentation:
If your presentation can be linked to (i.e. YouTube video, Prezi, etc.), copy and paste the link to your presentation on the first slide of your PowerPoint.
If your video URL is not included in your PowerPoint, click “Browse My Computer” to upload your video file.
Click “Browse My Computer” to upload your PowerPoint file.
This assignment should be in APA format. Grammar, spelling and quality will influence your grade. The Ottawa library provides a guide to APA writing. Visit the Ottawa University’s APA LibGuide for more information on writing an APA paper. Click the assignment link to compare your work to the rubric before submitting it. Click the same link to submit your assignment.

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