You will be working on the Semester Project throughout the term in parts as Proj

You will be working on the Semester Project throughout the term in parts as Project Part Assignments. Additional information can be found on the Semester Project Information page. You will get feedback from your instructor on the parts of the project in the Project Parts as listed. Use that feedback to improve that portion of the project.
Project Part 1: Systematic Sample of your chosen Data Set
1) Choose 1 Data Set from the Data Sets for Project Parts and the Semester Project page.
2) Create a Systematic Sample with 35 values.
Use your birth month as the starting value in Row 1, then use your birthdate as your nth value. An example with additional details is the Data Sets.
3) Write at least 2 quality sentences explaining which Data Set you used, what your starting number was, your nth value, and how you did it, so that any other person would be able to obtain the same results.
4) List your 35 values in the order they were collected.
When working on each part of the Semester Project the Best Practice is to type the information onto the appropriate slide of the Template Download Template, remove the directions, and then copy and paste your work and results into the text submission area of the assignment.
You may submit the project part as a text submission, Word Document, or PowerPoint Slide from the Template (only that slide!) Do not submit your work as an embedded image in one of those files. Images cannot be accepted for these assignments. (File Types allowed: .doc,.docx, ppt., pptx)
my birth month 06 birth day 08