Your assignment for this unit is to complete a case study that follows an accuse

Your assignment for this unit is to complete a case study that follows an accused person through the criminal justice system. Choose an actual criminal case from the last 10 years that you found interesting to complete your case study. Be sure to choose a case with enough information available to research for your assignment. The case must include the incarceration of the convicted offender.
Address the criteria listed below in analyzing your case study scenario:
Provide a synopsis of the case.
Describe the arrest procedures police followed in this case. Explain the evolution of the law enforcement system by describing how this type of case would have been handled 30 years ago.
Describe the trial portion of the case. Discuss specific sentencing guidelines available for the judge in this type of case.
Describe the facility where the person was sentenced to serve his or her time in prison. Discuss any education or rehabilitation opportunities available at the facility.
Develop Intermediate headings in your paper from these bullet points.
Your completed case study must be submitted as an MS WORD document attachment and must be a minimum of two full pages in length (the paper must include a title page and reference page as well; therefore the total length will be four pages), and must include at least two outside empirical sources, one of which may be your textbook. The second source must come from the CSU Online Library. Wikipedia,, and other similar sources are not considered as empirical resources and may not be used. Media sources are not typically empirical sources but may be used to supplement your empirical sources. Your paper must include the required APA title page, the main body, which must include the required APA headings (Introduction, Intermediate headings which are numerous (relating to the bullet points above), the Conclusion, and the Reference Section heading (The Reference Section must stand alone as the last page of your paper and must be in APA format).