Your participation in the discussion forum, including the following: A response

Your participation in the discussion forum, including the following:

A response to the initial questions in the discussion descriiption. Your initial post should be 200-250 words in length, and include references and citations.
Responses to at least two other students’ posts. Each response should be a minimum of 100 words in length.
A statement of agreement or disagreement is insufficient for the purposes of scholarly discussion. You must include references and citations in your responses to other student discussions. Your responses must be courteous, and should include specific scholarly information about the topic.
The level of evidence you use to support your statements in the initial and subsequent posts is important and must be evident in each part of the discussion. Your textbook and any article you are asked to locate/read should always be used as evidence. The next level of evidence would be peer reviewed articles, and after that, well known web sites for example: CDC or the AHA. The use of blogs or obscure or non-healthcare related web sites is/are unacceptable in this course and program. Never utilize Wikipedia for scholarly work.

Step 1 Choose a current policy or pending legislation to review.
Visit the ANA website or the website for your state board of nursing, and investigate what policies are being addressed and the position the organization has on the policy.

Step 2 Post your response to the discussion board.
Respond to the following question and, if relevant, include your own personal experience:

In your own words, describe the policy you chose and how it impacts your nursing practice.
Explain whether you agree or disagree with the policy and the organization’s position on it.
Is there something you can do to advocate your position?