An existing healthcare practice problem at my hospital that i work at in downtow

An existing healthcare practice problem at my hospital that i work at in downtown Atlanta GA that needs to be improved is Nurses leaving the bedside.  There are many underlying issues that support the problem of nurses leaving the bedside, but I will focus on a few. An issue that may contribute to this issue is the Nurse – to – patient ratio.  Having a high Nurse to Patient ration can lead to burnout, and cause nurses to be stressed, rush through task and may cause medication errors.  This could allow nurses to become frustrated and leave the bedside.  
Another factor is the covid- 19 pandemic.  Once covid hit, nurses were forced to get the vaccine or risk losing their jobs.  Many nurses thought that this was against their constitutional rights and decided to leave the bedside and practice tele health nursing or leave nursing all together.  Another factor that contributes to nurses leaving the bedside is the lack of career advancement.  Nurses may feel stuck in their roles and seek to go back to school to further their education and take roles as a Nurse practitioner, in leadership or Nurse education.  Nurses may feel stuck, and see no growth opportunities, and may leave the bedside for a role that can advance their careers. 
Use the attached “Evidence-Based Innovation Plan Template” located in the “Supporting Documents” section to complete this assessment. 
A.   Discuss 2 examples of disruptive innovation that improved healthcare outcomes. Provide scholarly source(s).- 
B.   Discuss how an MSN-prepared nurse innovator demonstrates one of the nursing roles described in the “WGU Nursing Programs Conceptual Model” located in Supporting Documents. The discussion should be detailed, with at least one example, and should specifically focus on one of the three nursing roles included in the WGU Nursing Programs Conceptual Model: See attached model
•  Nurse as Detective
•  Nurse as Scientist
•  Nurse as Manager of the Healing Environment
C.   Discuss the use of big data and technology in nursing innovation by doing the following:
1.  Describe one benefit and one challenge of using big data to support innovation.
2.  Discuss how the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics guides ethical utilization of big data in developing innovative practices. The discussion should include 1 scholarly source.
3.  Describe an example of a new technology or technology enhancement that resulted in improved outcomes in a healthcare organization.
D.   Discuss a disruptive innovation by doing the following:
(Propose a nurse retention committee to help keep nurses at the bedside)
1.   Describe a proposed disruptive innovation and how the innovation will improve healthcare outcomes in a specific healthcare organization.
2.   Describe the healthcare organization in which the disruptive innovation is proposed, including the type of organization, urban or rural setting, and population served.
3.   Discuss how the disruptive innovation in D1 supports a goal or strategy related to improvement in the healthcare delivery or health outcomes of the selected healthcare organization.
E.   Provide scholarly evidence for your disruptive innovation by doing the following: See attached 5 articles
1.  Complete the Relevant Sources Summary Table located in the Evidence-Based Innovation Plan Template to appraise 5 relevant peer-reviewed scholarly sources using the “WGU Evidence Leveling Tool” located in Supporting Documents. The sources must be published in the last five years.
2.  Synthesize the findings of all the 5 peer-reviewed scholarly sources from E1, including identification of themes.
Note: Refer to Unit 3 Appraising and Synthesizing the Evidence in the course materials (p. 29). Suggested length 1–2 pages.
3.  Discuss how the evidence supports the disruptive innovation described in D1.
Note: Refer to Essential Reading Chapter 5: “Literature Reviews: Finding and Critically Appraising Evidence” in the course materials (p. 29).
F.   Reflect on the role of nurse innovator by doing the following:
1.   Discuss how developing an evidence-based disruptive innovation proposal to improve healthcare outcomes has changed your understanding of the advanced professional nurse role.
2.   Describe 2 strategies a nurse innovator would use to support a culture of disruptive innovation in a healthcare organization.
G.   Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.
H.   Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.