Assessment Description Many students struggle academically across content areas

Assessment Description
students struggle academically across content areas because they are performing
below grade level in reading/literacy. The ability to assess students, analyze
assessment data, and work with parents/guardians and other stakeholders to
develop specific intervention plans is critical in helping all students achieve
their academic goals. Clearly communicating information about student skills
and proposed interventions to all stakeholders can ensure collaboration in the
development and implementation of a reading intervention plan.
Case Study: 10th grade male
10th grade male
English is
the student’s first language.
The student
has a 504 Plan for ADD.
Lexile level
= 970-1030.
The student
struggles with comprehending what was read and currently performs
approximately two grade levels below grade level.
The student’s
fluency lags slightly and is approximately a year below grade level.
The student
tries hard despite attention challenges, and he is motivated to learn.
The student
actively participates in class but speaks out of turn.
The student
is very social and has a lot of friends.
The student
enjoys playing soccer and is in the school choir.
the Reading Case Study data provided above, develop a 500–750 word intervention
plan specific to your content area to support the student with literacy in your
classroom. In the plan, address the following:
of state content area standards that align with the student’s learning
needs and can be used to support literacy development in the content area.
Creation of
three literacy performance objectives for the student to meet, within the
context of the identified state standards that align to the specific
content area.
of at least one technology-based application or program that will help the
student build literacy skills in the content area and a rationale for how
the use of the tool will benefit the student.
Selection of
three interventions to help the student progress toward meeting the
selected content area standards and literacy performance objectives.
Include a rationale for the use of each intervention.
of three progress monitoring/summative assessments that could be used to
document and monitor student progress. At least one online tool should be
included. Describe how each will be used, including implementation
the communication with 3-5 scholarly resources.
APA Style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic
writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA
formatting guidelines. 
assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment
to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.