Assignment 2: Preparing to Listen and Listening – Part 1 or 2 This assignment ai

Assignment 2: Preparing to Listen and Listening – Part 1 or 2
This assignment aims to deepen your knowledge about community engagement best practices and the appropriate use of the various tools and techniques.
Part 1
Read: Meeting People Where They AreLinks to an external site.
Write up three suggestions for engaging the Herriman community in a meaningful way (skim the entire document, focus on pages 1-17)
Part 2
Read two Listening to Projects (assigned below) and analyze them using the IAP2 Citizen’s Handbook-Participation Tool
Use the following format: SEE THE SCREENSHOT BELOW AS PNG
Reading Assignments – Pick up hard copies SEE BELOW AS PDF Listening to Bonner County, 2018 AS PDF
or go to the pdfs on Canvas.
Part 3
If you could only ask 5 open-ended questions to Herriman residents, what would they be? Draw from our class the discussion on 5/14 and 5/16 and your review of previous Listening projects for ideas.
List the demographic characteristics that would be essential to capture in a survey? Consider the demographics of Herriman and refer to the Meeting People Where They Are for additional considerations.
Part 4
Your answers to the following questions will help us organize for the second half of Assignment 2 and Assignment 3.
(a) Do you have a car? If so, are you comfortable transporting class members to Herriman? How many will fit in your car?
(b) Would you be comfortable driving your classmates in a university vehicle?
(c) Besides English, what language do you know? Briefly describe your ability speak, read and write in each.
(d) Rank the following tasks based on your interest and skill set (highest to lowest). Also tell us about your experience/skill related to these tasks.
– designing a logo and mission statement for our projects
– creating a website or using some form of social media to conduct an on-line survey,
– designing a paper survey to use at tabling events,
– creating flyers with a QR code to our survey to hand out a public gatherings in Herriman,
– creating a sign and name tags to use at tabling events.
Grading Criteria
Follows assignment directions
Incorporates what is learned from the reading and class discussion into responses.