Book: Graphic Design: The New Basics (Second Edition, Revised and Expanded) by E

Book: Graphic Design: The New Basics (Second Edition, Revised and Expanded)
by Ellen Lupton; Jennifer Cole Phillips

Here is the link for assignment 10.2:

I’m not looking for a research paper. I want you to describe what you drew and how you incorporated “space” and the week’s topic, framing. What you posted tells me nothing. Everything you write in college is not a research paper. It would help to put things into your own words, like talking to someone.

Pages 140–153 Layers, Graphic Design The New Basics
Week 10 Learning Objectives
1. Describe the elements and principles of design in print and web examples.
2. Demonstrate the application of the elements and principles of design in various media.
3. Apply critical thinking to issues associated with graphic design when assessing solutions.

Assignment 10.2: Weekly Image AssignmentAssignment 10.2: Weekly Image Assignment
Cut 12 6” x 6” squares out of white paper. You will use one each week and we want them all to match.
Using a black marker of your choice, create an image that represents SPACE.
Each week, create an image based on space that demonstrates the main topic from the reading. Think outside of the box, beyond the obvious visuals associated with the concept of “outer space.” Be sure to indicate, in pencil, which week the image was created in on the back. Please refrain from using type as your image.

With each post, please include an explanation of your drawings. This will give you an opportunity to describe your work (we have to “sell” our ideas often), and it will provide us (your audience) with some information so we can understand how you are applying the week’s topic and how “space” is being considered. This will also provide a check for you to make sure you are satisfying the assignment. This explanation can be a very short paragraph. I’m not wanting or looking for a short essay.