CASE DETAILS: Hello, Please find your Client Summary below, which you will use t

Please find your Client Summary below, which you will use to create your Case Plan Paper. You will find guidelines, tips, and example sections of the case plan on Canvas. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
Client: A
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: African American
Age: 23
Crime and time served: robbery, 4 years, will serve 2 years supervision upon release
Criminal History: Began having trouble at the age of 12, arrested for minor crimes (shoplifting, trespassing, and vandalism). He has been on probation once before but never incarcerated.
Health issues: Recreational use of alcohol, marijuana. Otherwise physically healthy and no known mental health issues.
Family: Lived with single mother before incarceration. Mother has a difficult time making ends meet and is not able to offer a lot of support for his son. He also has a 5-year-old daughter but has not had any contact with her or the mother in several years.
Employment/Education: Obtained GED in prison, short periods of sporadic employment prior to incarceration (mostly fast food/retail/etc.)
Transportation: No personal transportation.
Other Information: Andre got into a few minor fights while incarcerated. His PO noted he seems to have an attitude that he is “too good” for all of this and doesn’t really care what people think or what happens to him. He hasn’t had a lot of personal success and or been used to working hard for what he wants. He is leaving prison with $100.
Legal issues: On standard parole, has check-ins at least twice a month. Owes $5000 in back child support and will be expected to continue child support payments after being released of about $250 per month.
Parole Office Location: 7625 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90001
Neighborhood: University Park
Note: The client summaries are vague on purpose. You may need to infer some of the details from what is listed and what you’ve learned about reentry in the class/outside resources. You are also welcome to personalize the client profile if it helps you to narrow down potential solutions to help with their reentry plan. Please let me know if you have any questions
This paper will require you to build on the outline and research you have done this semester on your case into a fully completed case plan for your assigned client.  Please refer to the Case Plan Project Overview, Outline, and tips/example sections for additional information and guidance in writing your final paper.  This paper is a chance to demonstrate your understanding of the issues facing those released from prison and some of the challenges of the support and services available.  
Writing Style:
While you will be drawing from research and class materials, your plan should also treat your client as if they were a real person leaving prison and returning to Los Angeles.  You are expected to use APA formatting for all references but are allowed some creativity in terms of how you discuss your client and how they might respond to risks and solutions.  You are also welcome to give your client a name or fill in additional details about their life if it is helpful to explain your case plan.
Paper Outline
Introduction with an overview of the case
Include an assessment of risk for recidivism (risk, needs, responsivity model).  This should also include any strengths or protective factors that will be helpful for their successful reentry.
Reentry Area Sections (see breakdown below for what to include in each section)
Employment and/or Education
3rd Main Reentry Area (choose from mental health, physical health, substance abuse, or family, depending on what is most relevant for your client)
Other Needs- basic needs, money, transportation, identity issues/special populations
Highlight the biggest risks/needs of your client and some of the strengths and limitations of the overall plan you developed.
Bibliography (APA style reference list of all sources, including websites)
Details of what to include for each reentry area section (4 total)
In each of the four main reentry areas of your case plan, you need to address the specific risk/need for your client and the reentry process, an individual-level solution (with strengths and limitations), and a structural solution.  Please use the following information to help you structure each section.  
Explaining the challenge for reentry area (housing, employment, etc.):
Explain each item and its impact on reentry (i.e., why it is important for reentry). This could include references to peer-reviewed articles and any course material. 
What about your particular case makes each area a challenge for reentry? Or note if there are any strengths related to this issue that may help with the reentry process. 
INDIVIDUAL level solutions for reentry areas 
Propose how you plan to address each issue. Be sure to include specific details about the services/support they need, what organizations/programs you will use, etc. This is where you will need to include Los Angeles specific information based on what’s available.
For example: What type of housing? How much does it cost?  Where is it located?  Can they get to their job and necessary services from this location?  How much will they need to make to pay for their housing?  Will they need to take off work to get services or deal with criminal justice issues?  
Discuss the STRENGTHS and LIMITATIONS of your suggestions.
Why will the solution work, and what about it may it not work for your client?
You also want to prioritize the needs.  Which should you address first? Why? Is this an area that your client will require a lot or only a little support?
BE REALISTIC! Will your client be able to do all the things you suggest?  How?  What will be challenging about it? (think about responsivity and treatment readiness here)
STRUCTURAL level solutions for reentry areas
As you search for individual-level solutions, you may notice that it is often difficult for people returning from prison to meet all their needs because of a lack of resources or services. Please identify what programs or services are not currently available (or are limited, cost-prohibitive, etc.).  
What are your recommendations for policies and programs to help people successfully reenter society after incarceration?  
Class material (including textbook, readings, lectures) to help you identify the issues, challenges, potential solutions, etc., to start your reentry plan.
Community resources and public information
This will be the majority of your individual recommendations and should include the details about any organizations or programs you want your client to participate in, jobs/housing you want them to obtain, etc.  These must be REAL resources that exist in Los Angeles.  
At least three peer-reviewed journal articles to support your plan 
These articles can be used to help explain the risk/need for your client, justify a particular plan or solution, or be an example of a type of structural solution such as a policy or practice.  
You can use both articles for one reentry area or use them for different areas.
Papers should be written in 12 point font, 1 inch margins, double spaced, with headings for each section and subheadings to identify the individual and structural solutions.  
All citations must be in APA format.  
Please include a title page and reference page.
This paper represents efforts and knowledge from the entire semester and replaces any traditional midterms/finals, so please ensure your work reflects that level of effort.  There is no page minimum since different clients and solutions may require more explanation than others. Still, I encourage you to review the example sections for an idea of the level of detail and explanation required to do well on this paper.  
Students are not only graded based on addressing all of the required information in the outline but also on the level of detail and analysis demonstrated in the description of the risks, the specifics of the solutions, and the understanding of the strengths and limitations of the solutions for the specific client.  Papers that only superficially address the required information or provide overly generic solutions with little analysis or relevance to the client will lose points.  Papers flagged with 50% or more AI-generated content will automatically be marked 0 until the student meets with me to establish the academic integrity of the submission.
Please note: This project requires you to provide SPECIFIC recommendations for services (ex. if recommending treatment: What kind? Why? Where will they get it? How long? Does it cost money?)  
You can use any class materials for more information about creating a case plan, types of treatment, services, and strategies for supervision, motivation, etc. 
You will also need to research what ACTUALLY exists in the community.  You cannot make up any resources or programs; they all must be real options for people returning to Los Angeles.
There are many different ways you can create a case plan.  There is no exact right answer when it comes to your plan.  You just need to be able to justify your recommendations and identify your suggestions’ potential strengths and limitations.
All of the solutions should be coordinated (i.e. the client should be able to use each of the solutions without conflicting with/or duplicating a solution.  For example, If you  find low-income housing close to the person’s workplace, you would also need to make sure the housing would work to get to the Parole office, treatment, etc.)