Task: The Excel file Chipotle provided in the corresponding assignment link cons

Task: The Excel file Chipotle provided in the corresponding assignment link consists of data related to predicting the level of business (Usage Level) obtained from a survey of purchasing managers of Chipotle. Chipotle has many suppliers, and the data has surveys of them. The following are the independent variables. 
X1: Delivery Speed —amount of time it takes to deliver the product once an order is confirmed.
X2: Price Level —perceived level of price charged by product suppliers.
X3: Price Flexibility —perceived willingness of Chipotle representatives to negotiate price on all types of purchases.
X4: Manufacturing Image —overall image of the manufacturer or supplier.
X5: Overall Service —overall level of service necessary for maintaining a satisfactory relationship between supplier and purchaser.
X6: Sales Force Image —overall image of the manufacturer’s sales force.
X7: Product Quality —perceived level of quality of a particular product.
X8: Size of Firm —size relative to others in this market (0 = small; 1 = large) .
The result was a scale from 0 to 10 rounded to one decimal place.
Using the statistical tools in this chapter (multiple regression modeling and categorical regression modeling), conduct a complete analysis to predict “Usage Level”. Be sure to investigate the impact of the categorical variable Size of Firm (coded as 0 for small firms and 1 for large firms) and possible interactions. Also stratify the data by firm size to account for any differences between small and large firms. Write up your results and recommendations in a formal report to Chipotle management in another Excel Tab in the same Excel file. You will submit an Excel Spread Sheet, xsl or xsls.