Case Study Review Assignment Instructions Overview The case study review assignm

Case Study Review Assignment Instructions
The case study review assignment explores the relationship between
culture, behavior, and health is discussed. Major health-behavior-change
theories and anthropological methods are presented in order to explain
behaviors and make connections to health impacts and outcomes. The broader
social determinants of health and health inequalities are discussed. Also, the
health gradient is presented as a means of measuring health patterns in a
You will review the major
points of a specific case study. You are expected to provide suggestions to
address the problem in the case study. This assignment must be 450–600
words in current AMA format. You must include at least 1 peer-reviewed article
source in addition to the citation of the assigned case study. Both case
studies are taken from the Levine textbook.
– Case 8: “Preventing Diarrheal Deaths in Egypt”
to the following:
·       Summarize
the case study’s major points, focusing on 3 key aspects.
·       Your
discussion must include the following: health condition, global importance of
the health condition, key program components, cost-effectiveness, and impact.
·       Describe
at least 2 ways that culture may impact the health problem described in the
case study.
·       Use
1 peer-reviewed article besides the case study to support your discussion on
culture related to the problem in the case study.