Please identify the three informed consent issues in this hypothetical. Explain

Please identify the three informed consent issues in this hypothetical. Explain why there is an informed consent issue and analyze whether Dr. Winston and Nurse Cece acted without Jessica’s informed consent.
One afternoon Nick was rollerblading down the street in his neighborhood and listening to music on his iPod. Attempting to set a new speed record Nick crouched low and started to speed down a hill.
Jessica was having a bad day. She woke up with a migraine. She spent the day in bed with the lights off. Baxter, her dog, couldn’t wait any longer and Jessica crawled out of bed to walk Baxter around the block. Jessica walked out into the street in front of her house.
Nick didn’t see or hear Jessica crossing the street at the bottom of the hill. Nick smashed into Jessica, both tumbled to the ground. Nick got up with only a few scratches but Jessica suffered more severe injuries. Jessica’s leg was broken, her arm was cut deeply and she was rapidly losing blood. Luckily, her friend Coach was able to drive her to the emergency department.
Nurse Cece met Jessica in the emergency department and immediately started to ask Jessica questions as she cleaned the wound. Jessica told Cece about how she had a migraine and how she was run over by the speed demon Nick. Dr. Winston came into the room and Jessica repeated her story again. Dr. Winston told Jessica he wanted to x-ray her leg after Cece cleaned and stitched the deep cut. He explained the benefits and risks of x-rays and stitching up her cut.
Jessica agreed to the plan. Just as Cece began to clean the cut, Jessica passed out! Jessica slowly came around but was very drowsy and obviously in serious pain. Concerned about Jessica’s blood loss, Cece gave Jessica fluids via an IV and an injection to relieve her pain. Jessica’s condition improved, and Cece finished cleaning the wound and stitched the wound shut.
When Dr. Winston checked on Cece,, he saw she wasn’t doing well. He felt bad and decided to give her an injection of steroid dexamethasone to relieve her migraine symptoms. Then, Dr. Winston had a transport take her for x-rays on her leg.